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“Bob Burg is the greatest teacher of networking in the world ”

~ John Milton Fogg, author, The Greatest Networker in the World

Show Me A Sign… One That REALLY Sells The Idea!

June 17th, 2014 by Bob Burg

DANGER Do not touchRecently saw a photo of a sign that — macabre as it was — no doubt brought some laughs.

It said…

“DANGER: DO NOT TOUCH — Not Only Will This Kill You, It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Dying.”

Immediately, I went into sales and marketing mode and thought of how perfect a message it was, including all the basic elements:

    1. DANGER (now, that’s a headline that will grab your attention)
    2. DO NOT TOUCH (a subhead that elicits curiosity)
    3. Not Only Will This Kill You (the feature)
    4. It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Dying (a really, really powerful benefit for following the advice) LOL!

I think the next time there is a “WET PAINT” sign on a bench, it should be followed up with:

“Because you’ll be really p*&&#@ off at yourself if you ignore this!”

8 Responses to “Show Me A Sign… One That REALLY Sells The Idea!”
  1. tara rogers said at 8:08 am on

    Love it! Like all your posts Bob, you grab our attention and make us think! Thank you.

  2. Bob Burg said at 8:54 am on

    Tara: Thank YOU, my friend!

  3. Doug Wagner said at 7:37 pm on

    So did you touch it?

  4. Bob Burg said at 7:40 pm on

    Thought about it! 😉

  5. Jim McNerney said at 8:05 pm on

    I once painted my entire porch including the floor. I put a barrier in front of the porch entrance so that no one could walk onto the porch. I put a sign on the barrier that read “WET PAINT” in very large letters. My newspaper delivery person, who was in his 30’s at the time, stepped over the barrier, walked up onto the porch and dropped the newspaper smack dab onto the wet floor. When I saw this, I got in my car and set out to find him on his route. When I met up with him, I asked him why he stepped onto the porch and dropped the newspaper on the floor. His answer “I thought it was dry”. I wonder if he would have ignored that “DANGER” sign?

  6. Bob Burg said at 8:57 pm on

    Jim: That would be TOO FUNNY if it wasn’t so … actually, I’m not totally sure what it was. Perhaps, “Amazing” says it all.

    It also begs the question I’d love to ask him: “And, exactly what was it about the words, ‘WET PAINT’ that cause you to assume it was dry?” LOL!

  7. Paul Monax said at 8:38 am on

    Love it!
    I guess you never know where great marketing advice will turn up if you are paying attention.

  8. Bob Burg said at 9:07 am on

    Paul: Thank you! Very true…it seems to show up everywhere; both the good examples and not-so-good examples! LOL

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