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“[Burg] has demonstrated that adding value to people's lives is the way to climb the ladder of financial success.”

~ Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame Quarterback and Founder/CEO GoSmallBiz.com

Take The Stairs – Powerful Wisdom from Rory Vaden

April 22nd, 2014 by Bob Burg

Sure, we all know that to be successful it takes self-discipline. How could it be any different? By its very nature, success is determined by one’s willingness to do those things they don’t want to do, and that separates them from pretty much most of the pack.

In other words, it takes doing those things we know we need to do…even when we don’t want to do them.

However, and somewhat paradoxically, this self-discipline actually set us free and provide us with the power to accomplish the success we desire.

And, as the young entrepreneurial phenom-turned popular speaker and bestselling author, Rory Vaden tells us in his terrific book – and in this fascinating discussion – it often means being willing to Take The Stairs…in what has very much become “an elevator world.”

Rory VadenTake The Stairs

Enjoy Rory. You’ll see why he’s one of my favorite people and a powerful example of doing things right!

Oh, and be sure and stay around until the end and find out exactly how, at seven years old, he…”created his new Dad.” :-) It’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever heard.

So, did Rory inspire you to Take The Stairs? Be sure and take the first…“step” and order his excellent book. And, feel free to share any personal stories inspired by today’s interview.

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Strenghtening Our Receptivity Muscles

April 16th, 2014 by Bob Burg

Receptivity MusclesIn John David Mann’s and my book, The Go-Giver, Law #5 is “The Law of Receptivity.” Both of us are continually told by others that, while applying this law often created breakthroughs, it was also the most difficult Law to grasp.

When thinking about it on even a surface level, it makes sense. The ability to receive is linked not only to one’s own self-worth but to the constant stream of “money is bad”-type of lack messages provided courtesy of general society and the media.

Once we recognize that as long as we have provided lots of value to others we have earned the right to receive, then it becomes easier to accept this earned abundance.

Or, does it?

After all, our conscious is to our subconscious what the tip of the iceberg is to that part which is under water. We may know something on a conscious level yet our actions are being run by unconsciously programmed beliefs.

In this case, the subconscious nearly always wins.

Unless we consciously work on improving in this regard.

And, while the ability to receive includes financial, it also includes other areas of life such as kindness, friendship, love, acts of service, and sometimes even just a simple compliment.

In other words, we need to actively strengthen our overall receptivity muscles.

Let’s discuss this further in future posts.

Meanwhile, how do you do this? Any examples (personal or from others) you’d like to share?

The Game of Life Begins Again Now

April 1st, 2014 by Bob Burg

The Game of Life Begins Again Now - Bob BurgAre you disappointed in yourself that you made a mistake you simply should not have made? We’ve all been there. We all (at least, I) continue to “be there” from time-to-time.

Will you be disappointed in yourself  in the future because you make a mistake that — based on past mistakes — you’ll know better than to make again? We all (at least, I) will.

And, it’s okay. We’re human beings and we make mistakes, even when we know better. This is not to say that we should be lazy in our thinking and not care. It’s even fine to be disappointed in ourselves when we do that which we know better than.

The good news: we can continue to keep growing, and taking aim to not make those same mistakes in the future.

The GREAT news: the Game of Life always begins again now!

In the Eyes of the Beholder

March 24th, 2014 by Bob Burg

In-the-eyes-of-the-beholder-Bob-BurgWhile price is a dollar amount, value is the relative worth or desirability of a thing (product, service, idea, opportunity, etc.) to the end user or beholder.

If you want to sell successfully, it’s vital to remember this…

“Value is always in the eyes of the beholder.”

Ask questions to better understand THEIR wants & needs. What we (the salesperson) believe to be the main benefits and value of our product or service may not be what our prospect believes them to be.

And, the selling process is not about us; it’s about them.

So, be sure to ask the right questions and then listen for the answers that will help you to connect the benefits (value) of your product or service with the wants, needs and desires of your prospect.

Because, remember, it’s what they find to be of value; not what we find to be of value, that ultimately counts.

The Talent Add-On So Often Missed

March 18th, 2014 by Bob Burg

“There are young singers who have amazing natural talent. But they haven’t learned the skills necessary to take it to the next level.”

This was shared at our recent MasterMind session by a special guest invited by our host and Morning Coach Founder, JB Glossinger.

Matt KramerThis man certainly knows from whence he speaks. As the lead singer of the immensely popular 90′s hard rock band, Saigon Kick, Matt Kramer was not only a great showman from stage, he was also a student of the art, especially as it pertained to voice.

He is also a second-generation performer, as well as second generation voice coach.

What he showed us regarding the voice, how it actually works, and how it can be utilized more effectively was nothing short of phenomenal.

However, it was his quote above which inspired this post.

While there are singers who fall into this trap, so do those in many fields and professions. One may have an abundance of talent in a specific area. However, because that talent brought them a certain level of success, they either are not aware of the need to learn more, or are simply not willing to. That will stop them at a point far less than their potential.

Marshall Goldsmith nailed this concept beautifully in his classic for business leaders, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Though referring to character traits rather than skills, his premise was that so often a person progresses to a certain position in their company due to natural talent. At times, even despite certain faults and flaws. They might even believe they got to their current position because of those faults and flaws when actually it was in spite of them. Their talent legitimately brought them to a certain level of success.

However, it won’t get them any further. For that to happen, they must be open to learning that which goes beyond talent.

Yes, it takes work, commitment, and many hours of deliberate practice. But, it begins with understanding that the talent itself will take you only so far. Learned skills must be added.

Only then, will they advance to new levels of success.