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Dan Schawbel: Promote Yourself for Career Success

September 3rd, 2013 by Bob Burg

Success within a corporate structure is still a goal for many. It reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

However, the way this success is pursued changes with each generation. And these days, the players change companies a lot more and a lot faster than they used to.

How people perceive your work has always been important. With the game-changer of modern technology, however, and a new crop of people called Gen Yers on the scene, the ability to effectively brand and promote yourself has become absolutely essential.
Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel (whom I refer to as “the young, brilliant one”) became a branding and marketing phenomenon with his first book, Me 2.0. Now, he’s back with PROMOTE YOURSELF: The New Rules For Career Success.

Now, you might be thinking, okay, this would apply to me if I were either a Gen Yer or have children or grandchildren who are. But, not so fast. As always, success principles are success principles and they transfer across the board. Plus, ain’t it good to know what the “youngins” are thinking? 🙂

Promote YourselfIn this chat with Dan, the founder of Millennial Branding, A Gen Y research and consulting firm, we’ll learn some ways to stand out in…the new workplace.



He’s an energetic and exciting young man, isn’t he? Both a Go-Getter and a Go-Giver to be sure. And, his new book, Promote Yourself has already been named the #1 career book of the year by the Chicago Tribune. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself as well as for all the Gen Yers you know and love. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Dan Schawbel: Promote Yourself for Career Success”
  1. Amazing great interview and everything said so absolutely true there is NO Box… and Social Media has truly helped influence as he said get messages out about experiences with companies and companies are LOSING out in NOT allowing FLEX Time. Just a WOW Interview. Love it.

  2. Bob Burg said at 12:26 pm on

    Carly: Thank you. So glad you enjoyed the interview. He’s amazing, indeed!

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