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On Becoming A Better, More Effective Receiver

May 4th, 2011 by Bob Burg

In The Go-Giver, John David Mann and I share Five Laws; the last of which has to do specifically with receiving. As the story’s protege, Joe, suddenly concluded:

“All the giving in the world won’t bring success, won’t create the results you want, unless you also make yourself willing and able to receive in like measure.”

Yet, many find this Law to be the most difficult of all to embrace. Why?

In this video, my friends, Avram Gonzales and Mike Baltus ask me this very question. And, as we’ll see, it has a lot more to do with our mindset than with our abilities (while Avram does a very kind introduction, the actual answer begins at the 1:20 mark).

Is Receptivity a challenge for you? If so, how are you going to go about overcoming it?


[Note: Our great friends at Penguin/Portfolio shared with John and me the great news that The Go-Giver has soared past the 200,000 mark in sales. This is a result of all of you getting behind it and spreading the word…and we appreciate you most greatly!!]
24 Responses to “On Becoming A Better, More Effective Receiver”
  1. Chi Chi Okezie said at 8:20 am on

    Congrats on turning 200,000! Whoooo hooo! Many more success and achievement for you and John David Mann’s hard work and tremendous efforts! Excellent post and video, Bob. I definitely struggle with this 5th Go-Giver law. I must fix, and quickly. Not being able to receive, in my experiences, have caused relationship and mindset issues of hindrance. Keep up the phenomenal work!

  2. Bob Burg said at 8:26 am on

    Chi Chi, thank you for the congrats, my friend. Much appreciated. And, yes, be sure and work on your receptivity. You do a LOT of great things and have earned the right to receive. Allow it to happen!

  3. Brett said at 10:02 am on

    Huge struggle for me. I come from a ministry and academic background (read academic background as ‘in school and waiting tables). Now in sales, I have difficulty recognizing the product (property & liability insurance) and professional services I provide as being fully worth the cost. I work hard at trying to add value outside of the insurance client relationship. The glitch in my mind sometimes is that my product might never be used tangibly and is based on low probability that it’ll be needed. Consequently, the value is difficult for some clients to understand and quantify. Make sense?

  4. Bob Burg said at 11:31 am on

    Hi Brett, first, let me congratulate you for recognizing the challenge you are having. That’s a terrific first step. Now, if I may, let me help you to reframe the value you are providing through your policy (since it begins with *you* believing in it. Then you can then transfer that belief to your clients). Please know that – by and large – the great value you are providing is actually NOT in the policy itself or the payout in the event someone needs it. Both are important, but that’s not what *it’s* about. The great value you are providing is the “peace of mind” the policy-holder now has. And, peace of mind is priceless. It allows that person to be productive without the ongoing stress of worrying what will happen in the event of a disaster. I remember a good friend of mine who sold long-term care insurance, which protects people in the event that they can no longer take care of themselves and need constant, ongoing help. As he was selling his beloved Father a policy, his Father said, “but son, what if I never need to use it?” My friend replied, “I hope that is the case, Dad…I absolutely hope that is the case.” So, Brett, learn everything you can about what the policy *will* do in the event its needed, but even more importantly…learn and understand the value (peace of mind) you are bringing your customers simply by way of the fact that they *own* a policy. And, communicate that value to them. I hope that helps a bit.

  5. Christie Ellis said at 10:05 am on

    I love this Law. I just finished the last of my GG Master Mind groups and we went over this law in depth. It is so interesting how many people feel unworthy of receiving, either because of issues with self esteem, religion, upbringing, to name a few. Fortunately there at least 200,000 people (plus those they have shared their copy with :)) that know receiving is as important as giving, and receiving isn’t a sign of weakness but a way to keep the natural order of progression moving forward instead of halting it in its tracks.

  6. Bob Burg said at 11:32 am on

    Christie, what a great way to put it. You have great wisdom, my friend. Thank you for being such a valued part of our Consultants team and spreading the message to so many people. You ROCK!

  7. John Burwell Jr said at 10:28 am on

    Congrats on the 200k book sales mark Bob and John, what is even more impressing is the impact and influence on the amount of people who have read and applied it and influenced those around them. Imagine the number there!!! Thank you Bob and John for giving this gift. I am forever greatful (sp on purpose) as I continue to develop this concept in my life to and the influence it has on those closes to me. This information was instrumental in my decision to become a Bob Burg Consultant to be able to “give” this to others so they have the chance to impact their lives and those that are closes to them. Thank You both!

  8. Bob Burg said at 11:34 am on

    John, what a great letter. Thank you so much. And like with Christie, I’m so honored to have you as a valued member of our team of Consultants. And, also like Christie…You ROCK! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Wideman said at 11:57 am on

    YUP! Like I mentioned to yo in Phoenix, this is the area I’m working on. I also appreciate your candor in stating that “What one thinks is true value to the world, may not in fact be the value the people need or seek at this time–just what you think is value.” (My paraphrase and reflection).

    Two years in really making strong efforts in putting all 5 laws into effect in my business life. It’s time #5 is as evident as the first 4.

    Always reevaluating, always growing, always getting and better and better.

    I appreciate you Bob!


  10. Bob Burg said at 12:23 pm on

    Jennifer, the growth I’ve seen in you over the past couple of years is absolutely inspiring. Keep going (and growing), my friend!!

  11. John Burwell Jr said at 12:55 pm on

    I shared a some information on this on my blog as well about the go-giver please check it out. I am open to receiving your following my blog and sharing you wisdom there if you would like. Here is the link. http://blog.power30training.com/ Thank you Bob.

  12. Bob Burg said at 2:01 pm on

    Thank you, John. Very nice post!

  13. Brett said at 2:03 pm on

    Great stuff. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement!

  14. Deb Bruser said at 3:18 pm on

    Woooo HOOOOO….congrats Mr. Geaux-Giver for going over the 200k mark!! Couldn’t happen to nicer men….the teaux of yeaux #ROCK!!

  15. Bob Burg said at 4:12 pm on

    My pleasure, Brett. Thank YOU for joining our discussion!

    Thank yeaux, Deb. I heauxp you’re having a great Cajun day!

  16. Christie Ellis said at 6:25 pm on

    Thank you Bob! If you were ice cream you would be ROCK-y Road 🙂

  17. Avram Gonzales said at 7:14 pm on

    Thank you so much for featuring our video interview on your site Bob!

    I said it in the video and I’ll say it again – this is a message everyone needs to hear and is something that ALL OF US struggle through, or have struggled with at some point in our lives!

    Cheers to receiving our greatness!


  18. Bob Burg said at 7:16 pm on

    Avram, thank you. I appreciate you and Mike doing the interview with me, and for attending the event in Denver!

  19. Bob Burg said at 7:14 pm on

    Thank YOU, Christie. And, if you were a hit song from the 70’s, you’d be ROCK ON! http://youtu.be/NgcYfKw0_TI

  20. Christie Ellis said at 7:41 pm on

    HAHA!! I love the YouTube Video included in the comment 🙂

  21. Nikki Magdalena said at 9:29 pm on

    Thank you Bob! I love this video, and I wonder, What would it be like to receive Infinitely? I’ve noticed that as I’ve shifted from the illusion that I’m a burden, into perceiving myself as a GiFT (!!!) to everyone around me, I have been receiving so much more. 🙂

  22. Bob Burg said at 10:18 pm on

    Very nice, Nikki. Thank you for sharing with us!

  23. Lynne Forrest said at 9:43 pm on

    First I loved Mike’s interview style with you! He is infectiously vivacious & fun to watch!

    Thanks for these words on the importance of being able to open to receiving. I, too believe that this law of receiving is a critical one. It is a law based on the obvious understanding that it’s really impossible to give without receiving, or to receive without giving b/c giving & receiving are part of the same energetic circuit. Sort of like an electrical circuit – when we block either action, we break the connection all round.

    When we give, we automatically receive something, when we receive something, we also give a gift to the giver – but if, as you say, we BELIEVE that it’s not ok for us to receive for reasons such as you mention, such as “I don’t deserve, etc” then we block the flow. We interrupt the cycle – even our giving is stymied.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    Blessings, Lynne

  24. Bob Burg said at 9:50 pm on

    Lynne, thank YOU…both for your kind comments and great teaching!

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