Finally, You Can Make More Money,
Have Greater Peace of Mind,
And Have Happier And Healthier Relationships

Introducing The Ultimate Influence™ Mentorship Program

Bob Burg, Coauthor of The Go-Giver, Author of Endless Referrals
Noted Authority on Influence and Persuasion

Dear Friend,

Until just recently you’ve never seen me do something like this before… and you’re invited to be a part of it. It’s a very exclusive, five-week mentorship program designed to help you dramatically increase your level of influence. My goal is to help you increase your earning power, have happier and healthier relationships, and have less stress and greater peace of mind.

I want to help you to become more persuasive and feel the pleasure of having people instantly buy into your ideas rather than resist them. This includes your business, sales and personal relationships. It includes those you deal with one time and those you deal with all time.

No, this is NOT some huge teleseminar where you’ll be part of crowd of over 500 just listening. This will be you and I and a very select group of just 12 people. I want to have plenty of time to work with you personally and interactively, and focus on your current needs and challenges.

This will once again fill up very quickly and I am committed to keeping it to just 12 people.

Does This Ever Happen To You?

Ever feel dismissed by someone when asking for assistance? Does your prospect’s admin ever just cut you off while you’re trying to set an appointment? Very slow service at a restaurant when it isn’t even particularly busy? Perhaps you have team members whose attitudes are less-than-positive and you know you aren’t getting the commitment and “buy-in” you need in order to be as successful as possible. What about the customer who is slow on paying…and you really need to collect? Are you so worried about harming the relationship that you hesitate to pursue it? Meanwhile, they are costing you money! And, there are so many similar situations that are just as aggravating and unproductive.

In this 5-week exclusive mentorship you’ll discover that…

  • You can indeed get the results you want when dealing with difficult people.
  • Your friends and associates will be amazed that you suddenly have that “knack” at handling others that they — and most others they know — simply don’t have.
  • Life will be much more fun, as it simply Feeeels Gooood to have people on your side.
  • Business will be so much less stressful as people are drawn to you and your desires.
  • Business will be so much more profitable as you will learn how to immediately attract and cultivate like and trust — two huge keys to success.
  • You’ll also save money on “things” you never expected were possible to save money on. And, all with some very simple phrases (provided you set the correct frame…which I’ll also show you how to do) 😉
  • You can absolutely collect money you are owed from clients without fear of harming the relationship.

I define influence simply as…
the ability to move a person or persons to a desired action,
usually within the context of a specific goal.

Please realize just how powerful that seemingly simple statement is. As Leadership Authority, Dr. John Maxwell says,

“Influence is everything!”

In other words, you can have tremendous intent, purpose, values, and a really, really great idea — a lifechanging idea — but if you cannot influence (i.e. move another person to action) — it doesn’t matter. It’s all for naught. And, too many people live with this frustration. You don’t have to!

Understand that there are only two ways to move
another person to take the action you desire them to take…
Force or Persuasion

Most of us cannot use force in our daily dealings with people (and, even if we could, it feels yucky and doesn’t bring with it the true commitment of the one being forced) so we must rely on persuasion, which has everything to do with Ultimate Influence™.

As my dear friend, Dondi Scumaci says: Compliance will never take you, where commitment can go.”

And, commitment from others is never a result of force or coercion. People might follow orders or do what they feel guilted or coerced to do but, at best they’ll do only what they are required to do and not one bit more. At worst, they’ll find a way to sabotage the process completely. And, you’ll find it difficult to ever gain their true commitment and trust.

Note: In our time together, you will become an expert at gaining true commitment. Not compliance (the result of force, control, manipulation, intimidation, etc.) but true commitment. What a difference!

Your Ability to Benevolently Influence Others Will Significantly Increase Your Earning Power

And, I’m going to personally walk you through
EXACTLY how to do it!

But what qualifies me to make that statement and lead you on this journey?

As author of the book, The Art of Persuasion (updated version of Winning Without Intimidation), it’s an honor to know that it has sold well over 1/4 million copies. Readers have consistently reported using the principles to make more money and obtain outrageous satisfaction in the way they now deal with others. The excitement even in their emails tells me that their life is a lot more fun and the aggravation they used to receive on a regular basic from those difficult others is no longer a problem.

And, I’m also thrilled whenever I learn that someone who was in one of my many live seminars on this topic continues to get results over and above their expectations.

Personally, this is how I live my life. And, showing others how to do this is absolutely my passion.

A single method I taught him helped one man — doing exactly as I showed him — to close a sale that brought in well over $1,000,000 to his company and a huge commission for him.

One woman, who was able to clearly recognize the value she brings to her customers and communicate that value more effectively, has increased her company’s profits by — on average — more than $10,000 per month.

Another woman, a single mom, was able to show her daughter that handling a problem correctly, with class, was the better way to obtain satisfaction. Using one method she learned from me, she was able to have $3,106.09 deducted from her phone bill for calls that the daughter had run up, mistakenly thinking they were on an international calling plan…they weren’t!

And, I could tell you story after story after story about how people have used my principle-based methods to provide more value to more people and make a lot more money in the process.

But, it’s more than just business. You can have healthier relationships with family, friends and coworkers. You can get what you want when dealing with difficult people whenever it occurs.

80’s Rock Superstar, Pat Benatar, Sang
“Love Is A Battlefield.”

But, doesn’t it sometimes seem like life itself is a battlefield, and the land mines are … other people?

If you already cannot get Pat’s song out of your head right now, feel free to click here and listen, but promise you’ll come right back, because I’ve got something you want to know more about.

Of course, most people are generally nice and really pretty harmless, but they are not the ones who get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.

Some People, On The Other Hand, Seem To Specialize In
Making Your Life Difficult And Really Ticking You Off

Whether it’s the rude driver who just cut you off and perhaps gestured that “you’re #1” (if you know what I mean) or the sales prospect that seems to find things wrong even though you’ve gone out of your way to provide exactly what you’ve been asked, life can be a battlefield.

Whether it’s the store manager who won’t refund your money because you lost your receipt, or your boss who balks at giving you the raise you want, need, and deserve, life can be a battlefield.

Whether it’s your older sister who just has a way of digging into your psyche and making you feel like a six-year old child again, or the bank manager who won’t let you cash your out of town check even though you’ve been banking there for years, life can be a battlefield.

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But Those With Influence Seem To Handle The Difficult People With Class and Grace; With No Problem Or Undue Stress…
How Do They Do It?

And, that’s “so unfair” (or, is it?) because there are others who just seem to get their way with people. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Same situations, yet people seem to bend over backwards to make them happy. They have a quick conversation or interaction and before you know it, their problem has been resolved, they are smiling and the person who just a moment ago was standoffish and aloof now has a huge smile on their face, as well, happy to have been of service to their new friend.

What do these people have that you don’t have?

They’ve Mastered a Special Set of Skills

What do these people know that you don’t know?

They know how to influence; to gently persuade;
to move others to a desired action and
make everyone feel good in the process.

No, it’s not magic (though, the people I’ve taught this to say it works like magic — and please put all stereotypes aside, I’ve shown people of all genders, races, creeds, levels of physical attractiveness, ages, etc. how to do this.).

It certainly is not magic, but it IS…

The Difference-Maker!
The One Thing Guaranteed To Make You
The Success You Deserve To Be

Whether leading a team or organization, or wanting to deal more effectively with your neighbor, co-worker, the unhelpful bureaucrat, family members, ex-family members, your boss, the police, your suppliers, your difficult prospects and customers, your social media friends/followers/connections or anyone in-between, there is one thing; one skill-set above others that will make the difference.

Whether wanting the result to be a more fulfilling and satisfying — not to mention, more financially lucrative — sales career or business and/or simply living a life that’s a lot less stressful and a lot more fun, there is one thing…that will make the difference.

I’m often asked that “magic bullet” question: What is the “Secret of Success?'”

Personally, I’m not a magic bullet, big-secret kind of guy. I believe there are a number of principles that all lead to a successful and fulfilled life.

Fortunately, those have been well-communicated, shared, itemized, synchronized, systemized, anyalyzed and studied……… you, by me, by many.

Have you read books such as Think and Grow Rich? How to Win Friends and Influence people? Pycho-Cybernetics? As A Man Thinketh? The Science of Getting Rich? The Power of Belief? Peace, Power & Plenty? The Magic of Thinking Big? Ben Franklin-The Autobiography?

You’ve probably read those and many of the other favorites in the personal development genre?

If you have, then you know how it’s done. These tomes of remarkable wisdom all share information that, if utilized, can bring a person all the success they can imagine!

Notice, there are no magic bullets.
And, obviously, not any secrets.

However, there’s something missing that is keeping you
from the ultimate success you so desire.

You might be well on your way to achieving great success in terms of financial, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and social/relational. You might have already achieved huge success in some or in all of these areas.

Yet, despite reading and studying these books and many, many others, there still might be something missing. Maybe even something tiny.

When people ask me about the above-mentioned “magic bullet, one secret of success” I think what they are really asking is, “While I know what to do, and even how to do it, what is the one thing missing?” What one thing could I learn, improve and even…master that would accelerate my level of success and help me get from where I am now, to where I want to be?

And, I Believe I Have The Answer To That.

Ready? Here it is. It’s not sexy, slick or clever, or something that you need to pay $25,000 – $100,000 in order for you to belong to some guru’s double-top-secret probation club in order to be enlightened with the secret, magic…”thingy” (I tend to get very technical) LOL.


Ultimate Influence™

I wish I had a fancier name for it but I don’t — let me know if you think of one. 😉

And it basically comes down — to quote Les Giblin from his classic, How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People — to “obtaining personal satisfaction without trampling upon the egos of those we deal with.”

I love Les’ definition of “human relations.” He wrote: “It’s the science of dealing with people in such a way that your ego and their ego remains intact.” 🙂 I LOVE IT! And, as he also said – and this is key – while “obtaining personal satisfaction” for yourself.

In other words, you should be able to…

what you want,
when you want it,
from whom you want it,
including the difficult people you meet.

“Who is mighty? That person who can control their emotions and make, of a potential enemy, a friend.”
– Rabbi Simeon ben Zoma (Talmud – Pirke Avot)

Bad News: Knowing this and being able to do it effectively are two different things.

Good News: Ahem. I’m right heeeeere, and I can show you how. LOL

As a person who has studied success, has written about it, and has done his best to live it, I’ve come to a conclusion. This conclusion is nothing new. However, the great leaders since antiquity have lived their lives by it. A few centuries back, one of our (U.S.) Founders, Ben Franklin credited much of his success to this. And, certainly in the last century, Dale Carnegie proved it to be a huge part of one’s success in life.

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Seriously, you can have practically every other positive trait working for you…

Yes, you can be talented, of high character and integrity, you can be ambitious, kind, charitable, hard-working, self-disciplined, thrifty, energetic. You can have a knack for numbers, a head for business, you can be even-tempered, creative, etc. etc. etc.


If you don’t have the ability to move people to take the action
you desire and in a way that benefits all concerned,
your chances for success in terms of friendships,
relationships and, yes, very high income, are limited.

“But” one might ask; what about those people who, throughout history, have done very well financially and had absolutely no people skills?”

It’s a great question. And, there are some (actually, very few percentage-wise, but still, there are some) exceptions to this rule. Yes, there are those who were tyrants and yet, having some of the other above-mentioned skills, certainly achieved a high-level of — in fact, one could say, massive — success financially.

The chances are, with these relatively few people, they either invented something, inherited something, or were simply geniuses. We could focus on those few. But, I don’t believe that’s productive because, while it happens, it’s so seldom that there is no principle involved that is duplicable. And, these people succeeded despite this, not because of it.

Here’s what you and I both know: In a still largely free-enterprise based economy, where win/win relationships are key and no one is forced to buy from you, these skills are hugely important. I mean, if people aren’t inclined to want to work with you, buy from you, refer you, deal with you, etc., you’re going to have a tough time being profitable.


Success in Life — Success in Business —
is Based about 10% on Technical Skills and
90% on People Skills

Please understand that this — in no way, shape or form — diminishes the importance of technical skills. A graphic designer must be able to design…graphic stuff (I know, more technical jargon) ;-), A Realtor® must know how to list and sell homes, a financial advisor must known the market, a chairmaker must know their pegs and shims, a printer must have an excellent command of his or her machinery. A doctor must know medicine, a lawyer must know the law. And, an accountant must be able to…err, account.

Yes, the technical skills of any job are important.
Talent is important. It’s all important.
However, all that is simply the entrance fee.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, you MUST be able to do your job.

Again, though, that’s just what gets you in the door; into the game.

The key is now, and most likely always will be, about the Relationships.

And This is Where Ultimate Influence™ is The Difference

Ultimate Influence Is The One Thing That Changes Everything

If you’ve heard me speak before, read any of my books, subscribe to my blog, or listened to any of my audio programs, you’ve heard me say over and over again,

“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to,
those people they know, like and trust.”

And, it’s true in business. It’s true in any area of life where you want to be successful.

It’s also true that all things being equal, people will allow those they know, like and trust to influence and touch their lives, as well!

This ties into “The Law of Influence” from John David Mann’s and my book The Go-Giver which says,

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.”

But, isn’t that self-sacrificial, sort of like allowing people to walk all over you and take advantage of you?

Ahhh, no Grasshopper (you either totally get that reference or you don’t). 🙂 Actually, the exact opposite. Take your focus off of yourself and instead focus on providing value to others, and, you’ll succeed in a huge way!!

“I can trace millions of dollars in sales and six figures in commissions to listening to your CDs, your books, your ideas, and your personal tips.”

Benjamin Bach
Kitchener, Ontario

“I had to write you to say THANK YOU! I just applied one of your teachings to a phone call with my Internet carrier. Long story short is that I was able to avoid a $300 overage charge without making anyone feel bad. Everyone came away from it feeling great. Thanks, Bob!

Jake Petrykowski
A-Team MVP
Mendocino, CA

So, to revisit our earlier question, “Is there a secret to success?”

No, there is no one secret. However…

There is a definite skill set. And, if you have this;
if you develop this; if you even get somewhat good at this,
you will find your world, your life, and your business to be
a lot more fun, a lot less stressful and a lot more profitable.

And that is…

Ultimate Influence™

You can be that person who:

  • just seems to “have a way” with people
  • others gravitate to and go out of their way to please and make happy
  • gets the best seats at restaurants, as well as superior, attentive service
  • is able to turn potential enemies into friends and advocates
  • can get what they want, when they want it, and from whom they want it…on a consistent, everyday basis.

Let me guide you on your journey to becoming that person.

Please don’t take this as braggadocio but not only do people who know me KNOW that I do the above, but I can show you how to do the same. And THAT’S what’s important.

One Thing Very Different About This Format Is That…

…these are not just calls with me talking and you listening. We’ll have real-time, interactive discussions. This will absolutely accelerate the learning process. You will not only learn principles, skills and techniques (all which will be very simple and immediately actionable); we’ll discuss the real-world, real-life situations in which these occur and exactly how to handle them, including those you bring up right on our calls. And, I guarantee that many of these you hear from your fellow participants have also either happened to you or will happen to you. From now on you’ll handle these like “a water takes to duck.” (Wait – reverse that. I’m not really good at those kinds of analogies) ☺

And, that’s the difference!

My goal for you: to be a master influencer and persuader, all in a way that utilizes your expertly-developed new skills and has everyone — you and those you deal with — coming away feeling like a winner!

“After reading your book and listening to your CDs I started to apply the principles. The end result…for the last few months I have been Number 1 in sales twice and 2nd the other! Wow…Thanks!

Wendell Weckter
Lincoln, CA

“I’m still in the process of listening to ‘Winning Without Intimidation’ but used one of the techniques already. A rush order was misplaced that I submitted to a large, nationally-known supplier. Although they wouldn’t acknowledge the mistake (I have the documentation to prove it, but I didn’t need it), I was able to get them to agree to ship the product 2nd day and charge me for ground rates.

“It was a $50 savings. It’s not like it’s the alternative to the stimulus plan, but ‘small wins’ lead to bigger victories. Your methods work!”

Dan Galbraith
Greensburg, PA

“Executed the plan. Doubled my business in 6 months!!”

Michael Lomio
Sales Manager
New York, NY

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Another Huge Difference Will Be…

…very noticeable from the start. And, that is, you won’t be learning theories and having to memorize all sorts of things about other people and yourself so that you’ll know what you can say to this type or how to do this action with your body or remember that there are 10 different types of people who do this while five do that and…and…and.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve read many, many excellent books on people skills and loved them all. I’ve learned superb information. And, it’s been helpful. However, with all but about two of those books, I found that there was so much to have to remember, that most people simply won’t do it. Heck, I won’t do it, and I’m pretty good with this stuff!

I will share with you information that is principle-based, natural to remember, and so easy-to-apply that you’ll literally be able to do so immediately after our calls.

Will you be as good and proficient at this after your first call as you will be after your 5th call? Of course not. But, you’ll be much more proficient after one call than you were before it.

The topic itself is a lot of fun, and you’ll feel great pleasure as you get more and more skilled at beginning to get what you want when dealing with practically anyone, especially those that others believe are impossible to deal with.

“Three years ago I was 40 and heavily depressed (financially and otherwise!) and your books, blog, and overall mentoring from afar have been instrumental in me turning around my life. I went from making less than $20,000 a year to owning my own thriving business (with a waiting list!) that is on track to do $200-250 thousand this year…and this has all transpired in only three years!

“I have a television show (dog training/reality show) that I put together that is in negotiations with Animal Planet’s higher ups; DVDs and a book in the process; my first seminar for dog trainers (charging $1500.00 per person…which has 5 of the 10 spots already locked in with deposits!); and the best/most amazing thing is, after seeing my changes, people now seek me out for help with their lives/success…so I’m getting to do a bit of mentoring others who need help.

“I sincerely hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging, it’s just that the changes are a bit hard for me to wrap my head around…I mean, I was a disaster a few years ago!!! And I feel so grateful that I want to make sure the people who have been instrumental in this transformation know about it.

“Amazing stuff!”

Sean O’Shea
Business Owner
Los Angeles, CA

When You Think About It, The Basics Are Simple

You see, people don’t “buy” products or ideas based on logic. We’d like to think we do, but we don’t. We buy — and buy into — things, people, situations out of emotion. We then back that emotion up with logic, which self-justifies our emotion-based decisions. In other words…

We Rationalize. And, When We Break Up The Word, “Rationalize”
It Means We Tell Ourselves “Rational Lies.”

Well, here is one biggie that we’ll certainly be discussing: a big part of others buying into you or your ideas has to do with whether or not they like you. Yep, they must know, like and trust you. But, after know, like comes next. And, being likable — actually being able to COMMUNICATE YOUR LIKABILITY is key.

You see, it’s not enough to simply be something; you must also be able to communicate it to others.

Understand this: If They Like You, They Will Find Reasons To Accept Your Ideas…

If They Really Like You, They Will Find Reasons
To Work With You, To Please You, To Make You Happy.

Would you like to learn how to set the context for this to happen, both for those one-time instances where you need someone to be agreeable to your needs (i.e., the government bureaucrat) as well as the person whose buy-in you need on an ongoing basis (team members, co-workers, boss, family members)?

And, doing so is actually very simple…when you know how. Most people don’t know how.

We are also going to work on helping you to communicate your trustworthiness.

Just as with likability, it’s not enough to simply be trustworthy. You must also be able to communicate your trustworthiness. And this is huge because…

After Like is Trust. And, Trust is the Biggie.

Whenever I speak with audiences on this topic, I ask, “How many of you believe we live in what could be called a “Low-Trust Society?” And, it doesn’t matter if the audience is 50 people, 500 people, 5000 people or 15,000 people, practically all the hands get raised, and raised very high.

Yes, we live in a very low-trust society. And, burying our heads in the sand and saying otherwise just to feel all goody- goody doesn’t change anything. Trust is at a premium right now. It is a low-trust society as we’ve never before seen.

But, the good news is . . .

In a low-trust society, that person who can quickly
and effectively establish their trustworthiness
(worthiness of trust) is 9 steps ahead of the game…
in a 10-step game.

I’m going to help you do that.

Here are a few more things to expect in our journey to make you a master influencer, communicator and persuader.

You’ll come to understand why…

  • the ego is so important that without respecting (and understanding) it properly, you cannot move others effectively. But, when you do…watch out world!!
  • it’s not “in the game”…but “in the reframe” (But that ain’t all. You MUST know the simple steps to reframing the context of the conversation. Once you do, then helping the other person to take the correct and proper action is a done deal. Cannot wait to discuss this with you!)
  • certain phrases — while not magic — work like magic. They are simple, but must be set-up correctly to work.
  • practically everything is negotiable even when it seems like it isn’t.
  • the sales objections you receive are usually not the actual objections. Just understand this, and your closing percentage rises dramatically.
  • it’s vitally important to know a person’s “default setting” and how to work within it. Oh, this is so powerful!!
  • despite what conventional wisdom says, in order to communicate empathy, you actually DON’T need to understand how/what the other person is feeling. Knowing what you DO need and how to bring it forth whenever you need it will make the difference in your obtaining the response you are looking for.
  • contrary to the famous television commercial, why it’s often much more to your advantage to LET them “see you sweat.” But, it MUST be the proper time and place.
  • you and I — and everyone you deal with — make major decisions based on very limited information and how that can help you to actually accelerate the persuasion process.
  • the use of — what I call — “qualifiers” can immediately cause a person to let down their natural defenses and be more receptive to your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

And, lots, lots more, including …

  • use of the “out” or “backdoor” — a very kind and gentle way of moving someone to your side of an issue.
  • how to get out of a speeding ticket (which, doesn’t mean you should speed. But, I’d rather you learn your lesson with a warning as opposed to a ticket, points, or driving school).
  • oh…and a lot more! 🙂
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“Dear Bob, while planning a bit event for my child. I thought we had negotiated the best price. After using your techniques, I renegotiated to a savings of over $1300. That’s what I call an amazing return on investment.”

Art Pasternak
Financial Advisor
New Jersey

“After applying the information, I have gone from 2-3 referrals to 8-10 in only the past four weeks. I am more than doubling my business and packed with ways to continue this momentum.”

Kerry Hendrix

As mentioned earlier, have you ever heard someone complain …

It’s Just Not Fair!

Some people get treated better by others; their suppliers, doctors, nurses, contractors, waitpersons; they get the best seats and faster service. They get upgraded in hotels and even on airplanes. The police are more concerned about them and even government bureaucrats seem more willing to work outside their normal rules in order to please them.

And, there’s a reason this is the case with certain people; they have excellent interpersonal skills, causing them to immediately be really liked and very trusted.

Yep, that’s right.

“But, wait just a minute!! That ain’t right! The waitperson is working for tips so they should act the same to everyone! The doctor is sworn to do his or her best to make you feel better; he or she should treat everyone the exact same. So should the nurses. They should be just as quick to respond and provide the same kind and loving attention to each and every patient.”

Yep. Probably should be that way. But it ain’t.

If you are amongst the group that doesn’t get treated like a VIP all the time, you can either complain that life is unfair…


You can learn a new way of dealing with others – one in which you become that person who just seems to have that way; that knack with people; the person who is a master when it comes to influence.

Let Me Help You Be The Second Type!!

May I suggest that life is better the second way. And, I can help you get there.

“Your persuasion program has saved me more money than you will ever know. I think it saves me money every month… In fact I just got through using it again. I know it has saved me many thousands of dollars.”
Chris Kidd
Financial Coach and Author of Defeating Debt
Houston, TX


Who is this Mentorship Program For?

The person who will obtain the greatest benefit from participating in this program is most likely an entrepreneur, a leader, could be a sales professional, perhaps a coach themselves. He or she is definitely a Go-Getter and a Go-Giver who is already successful, yet knows there is a higher level they can achieve… and is coachable and willing to work closely with me during our time together.

This Mentorship Program is Not For…

The person with good intent, who enjoys learning new things but probably isn’t going to be actively involved and do the work needed to help me to help them make things happen. Also, while at times it’s certainly appropriate to stretch financially in order to invest in oneself and their growth, this is not for the person who would need to counter-productively go into debt.

“When Bob offered the opportunity to be personally mentored in his new Ultimate Influence Program, I stopped everything I was doing to make sure I was one of the 12 accepted. I had a specific goal in mind. What I received was so much more. Bob’s straightforward approach allowed me to begin seeing a difference in my ability to influence the day after our first lesson. I highly recommend his Ultimate Influence Program to anyone who is serious about having a positive influence on the lives of those around them.”

Denis McLaughlin
Business Executive
Naperville, IL

“An amazing program. Bob is a master at what he does, and the content and strategies he teaches are priceless and applicable to all areas of life. What makes this program so amazingly effective is the interactive nature of it and the access you have to Bob. Having started applying these techniques I can see changes in my life already and so recommend it highly!”

Arthur Magoulianiti
Business and Leadership Coach


Yes, Ultimate Influence™ Can Be Yours!

Make More Money, Have Less Stress,
Have Happier And Healthier Relationships

Until just recently, you’ve never seen me do something like this before, in terms of the format. I’m constantly asked by people to share these principles and specific skills. I’m finally going to do so. But, only in a way that I KNOW you are going to get immense value which is immediately usable.

Prepare yourself to be a much more powerful communicator, a higher income-earner, and the type of person who walks into a room and immediately garners respect and admiration. Have happier and healthier relationships with family, friends and co-workers, and enjoy the benefits of a person with Ultimate Influence.

The Ultimate Influence Mentorship Program will begin on TBD (GMT -5)

Call Dates: TBD
Call Time: TBD (GMT -5)

Here’s what the program will include:

  1. 5-week small group mentorship program (limited to 12 people) so we can get deep into the material. We’ll have a live group call each week. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I enjoy my clients getting results immediately! This can only happen through intense, interactive participatory work.
  2. Impactful online videos of me explaining each of the 5 key principles giving you quick insight into each principle allowing us to make the best use of our time together each week. And, you can conveniently view them at any time.
  3. Action steps to take after each call to allow you to put the principles into practice immediately.
  4. Access to me personally via email. Yes, you don’t have to depend only on the calls. During the course of…the course, you’ll be able to email me with questions which I will answer personally.
  5. A scheduled personal one-on-one call so that we can review your progress, accelerate it and strategize.

And, you’ll receive these 5 BONUSES:

  1. MP3 audios of the calls, so you can keep them with you and listen again and again in order to burn these teachings into your conscious and sub-conscious.
  2. Winning Without IntimidationTranscripts of the calls so that you’ll be able to review them at your convenience.
  3. Download MP3s of my Winning Without Intimidation 6-CD program ($177 value)
  4. Master Your TraitsDownload MP3s of my Master Your Traits/Master Yourself 4-CD program and Accompanying Guide ($127 value)
  5. PLUS the MP3 of my 2-hour Master Your Traits Teleseminar ($30 value)

Program investment: $3,497

This Mentorship Program is limited to just 12 people so I’m able to work with you on a very deep and personal level.

So, I’m making it easy for you — you just need to apply now.

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I’ll just tell you…I’m flat out excited about this because it provides me an opportunity to share the skills and mindset that have been — far and away — the biggest contributors to my own personal and business success. And, when sharing them with others, the feedback simply delights me.

For awhile now I’ve been looking for the best way to share my life’s work, which is to show people how to get what they want while making other people feel good about themselves. This is what it’s all about for me.

And, now, we can get together for five intense weeks and — not just listen to me blab away but — interact and learn how to be more effective, making your life a lot “more-fun-er” to live. 🙂

Apply now to reserve your “seat” at the roundtable. Yes, there is a qualification process and it will be limited to 12 people at this special price. And, I hoping you will be one of them. This is going to be fun, enlightening and very profitable for you.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Bob signature

Bob Burg

P.S. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Your payment will reserve your place. We’ll notify you within 24 hours regarding your acceptance into the program. If for any reason you are not accepted, your money will be refunded immediately.

P.P.S. Where are you in terms of your ability to work with people in such a way that you can make more money, have happier and healthier relationships, and have less stress and greater peace of mind? After all, life is pretty much about relationships and happiness. How you interact with others is your Ultimate Influence. Join us now and let’s get started.

“Dear Bob, I want to share a success I recently experienced using one of your tips. My 19 year old daughter had placed long distance calls overseas, thinking that she was on a calling plan (which we were not yet) and I received a bill for…$3,451.62!!!

“Obviously, I had to do some serious negotiating with the telephone company! Because, honestly, we didn’t have a plan intact at that time. Truly, I knew they were making money even on their plan, so my request wasn’t asking them to take a loss, but rather to have mercy on me, a long-standing customer, and offer me the rates they give calling plan customers.

“To make the scenario more weighty, I am divorced. The girl’s father has continually ‘won’ many disputes through using crude and vulgar language and by threatening and intimidating people. He’s been on TV and in the newspapers with his outrageous tactics, and he usually wins or “gets his way’. Naturally, my girls are impressed by this and want him to handle disputes rather than me as they see me as just ‘too nice’ to be effective.

“My daughter told me she wanted her father to handle the call as the bill will ultimately have to be paid by her. I told her that the bill was in my name and that it was important for me to keep my ‘good name’ and that I did not want somebody calling on my behalf using vulgar language and threatening them. She scoffed at the ‘good name’ as being silly and expensive.

“She was very frustrated with me and told me the only way to deal with these companies was to kick your boot up their {rear end}.

“In addition to being an enormous financial issue, it also became important to me to model to my daughters that ‘nice’ people aren’t losers, and that business and companies are fair and good to polite customers. I prayed for over a week before I placed the call. As an answer to my prayers, in addition to receiving courage and poise, I remembered a vignette of yours with a plan for responding to ‘no’ responses.

“I placed the call, speaking forthright. I was very polite and quite relaxed, knowing {what I needed to do}. The person I spoke with went to his supervisor, they were completely understanding and helpful, and adjusted my bill to reflect the calling plan amount of $345.53.

“I apologize for the length of this note, but I cannot tell you my joy in letting my daughter know the good news. She said ‘thank you’ and ‘great work Mom’, and said she was going to call her Dad and let him know it worked being nice! She said this had been bothering her so much it was hard for her to sleep.”

“My prayers were answered threefold, with courage, wisdom, and success. Thank you so much for offering the wisdom!”

Name Withheld {Note from Bob: she did not ask me to withhold her name. I’m doing so because of the mention of her husband. To include her name and any other identifying information would not be appropriate.}

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