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“Bob Burg opens the floodgates to Fort Knox.”

~ Dottie Walters, Author, Speak & Grow Rich

The Success Formula Booklets

Three Timeless Principles That Will
Turbocharge Your Success and
Dramatically Improve Your Life!

Pack of the Booklets by Bob Burg

Set yourself apart by constantly and consistently adding value to your prospects, clients and potential referral sources. You can do this by sending them “The Success Formula” booklet as a gift. The booklet — which fits right inside a standard #10 envelope — is a very inexpensive gift with a LOT of impact!

Receiving the booklet continues to position you as a “person of increase” in their lives. Whether they become clients or just start singing your praises to others, this little gem will be leveraged into potentially big gains for your business.

“Wow…dynamite — a winner! It cuts to the core, helps build forward movement, and so easy to use! I’m going to order copies for my customers, friends and family.”

~ Tom Graceffo, State Farm Insurance

“Give a copy of The Success Formula to everyone on your team — and watch your income grow!”

~ Micheal S. Clouse, The Fifth Principle

“The Success Formula is great! I plan to include copies in my new distributor starter kits and welcome packets. Small and handy — with impact: you can’t beat that!”

~ Lisa Wilber, Senior Executive Unit Leader, Avon; President, “The Winner In You”

The Success Formula Booklets

“This is a very powerful little booklet, Bob! You know what they say, ‘Dynamite comes in small packages!’ I plan to order them for my team to give out when we all meet at the company kickoff in Salt Lake City in January!”

~ Sue Seward, Internet Home-based Business


If you have not yet read this little gem, you may download the PDF now and read it. Then come back and decide how many booklets you would like to give as gifts and share these timeless principles.