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The Professional – An Interview With MindTree’s Subroto Bagchi

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The word “Professional” is often used to describe someone who is part of a specific field or makes a certain amount of money. It’s also used to describe someone with a certain amount of competence at what they do.

Yet, as we see quite often (and will hear in this chat), competence is no guarantee of professionalism, and there is more to being a professional than a title and a paycheck.

What exactly IS a Professional? In an excellent book entitled, The Professional: Defining The New Standard of Excellence at Work, MindTree Vice Chairman and Cofounder Subroto Bagchi explains that it is based on three major criteria.

In this interview, not only does he share with us what these criteria are, but provides some magnificent examples. Enjoy our discussion.


Subroto Bagchi
The Professional

Do you know people like Mahadeva, who despite his horrendous situation, proved himself to be just as much a professional as the highest-paid executive? And, have you ever been in the situation Subroto was in, knowing that a company rule was broken, and that telling the client would cost you an enormous sum of money?



Please feel free to share your own examples and how you handled them.

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