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Joe Calloway And Those 1960’s Packers

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Be the best at what matters mostMy friend, Joe Calloway, acclaimed business speaker and author of several books, including the newly-released, Be The Best At What Matters Most, is not one who puts a high-price on being imaginative, innovative and unique…simply for the sake of being imaginative, innovative and unique.

Early in his book, he writes:

“Your goal should be to be so good at the basics that you are cutting edge…Note that I’m not talking about just being good. I’m talking about being *so* good at the basics that you are extraordinary. I’m talking about not just being competitive but actually *winning* on the basics. Here’s the reality: If you win on the basics, you win it all.”  

The above reminded me of the Superbowl Champion, Green Bay Packers of the 1960’s. Coached by the Legendary Vince Lombardi, they had a play called the Power Sweep. It was a very elementary play, about as fundamental and “easy to read” as a play could be. Yet, despite knowing the play was coming, the opposing defenses were powerless to stop it.

I used to love watching replays of it because it was simply the basic fundamentals of blocking and teamwork so excellently performed…it was, well, “cutting edge.”

As Joe says (paraphrased): people constantly talk about doing things “outside the box” when, in reality, the game (or, the business) is won “inside the box.”

Whether a power sweep or providing excellence to your customers on an ongoing, consistent basis, how do you win your games…inside the box? I’d love to know.

{Note from Bob: Joe’s book is magnificent. I harvested nuggets of gold to apply to my own business right from the beginning and all the way through to the end. HIGHLY recommend!}