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It’s What Makes A Great Company Great

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Staples That Was EasyWhat makes great companies great? While what they do is certainly important, I believe it’s more than that.

Recently saw the following on my friend, Certified Go-Giver Coach Linda Murnane Ryan‘s Facebook page.

Awesome Customer Service just now from Staples. Received my order and wanted to return the headphones ($20) because they didn’t work with my phone. The nice lady said “I just credited your account $21.39, but rather than send a driver to pick them up, we ask that you kindly donate them to a child or a charity that could use them.” How great is that?!

Great, indeed! What a terrific example of an awesome company!

Sure, these types of examples are written about often. Mark Sanborn would refer to the customer service rep as a “Fred.” Joe Calloway would say they are being the best at what matters most. Dondi Scumaci would see this as a team built on commitment as opposed to compliance.  Scott McKain would site that as an example of how a company can Create Distinction. And, of course, a master on the very topic of customer service, Shep Hyken, would consider it to be part of The Amazement Revolution.

And, you know what? … They’d all be correct.

Here is the key, and something with which I believe we would all agree:

It’s simply who they are. And, because it’s who they are, it’s what they do!

And, that is just one reason why Staples is so special, and so successful.

In other words, it wasn’t about the customer service or the WOW experience. The customer service and Wow experience is simply a part of…them.

And that defines their greatness.

Your thoughts?

Compliance, Commitment, Values, And…Dondi

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Dondi Scumaci

“Compliance will never take you,
where commitment can go.”
~ Dondi Scumaci

As posted previously, I love that saying (what I call, a “Dondi-ism”) :-) by my great friend and mentor, Dondi Scumaci.

It reminds me that, as leaders and influencers, we always need to ask ourselves where our focus is and who it is on.

As Dale Carnegie taught us in his classic, How to Win Friends And Influence People, “Ultimately, people do things for THEIR reasons; not our reasons.”

So, in terms of the goal we are leading people to, is our focus on ourselves, or on them?…In other words, how does our goal align with THEIR goals; THEIR wants, THEIR needs, THEIR desires? And, with THEIR values?

When we question ourselves like this – intelligently, and with a genuine, authentic desire to build them – we’ve come a long way toward earning the commitment that Dondi wrote about.

Just my thoughts. What about yours?

Leaders Inspire What The Manager Cannot

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Steve KeatingSteve KeatingI loved this recent quote on Twitter by my great friend, Leadership Authority, Steve Keating:

“People do not commit to a manager, they comply with a manager. People make commitments to a leader.”

In my opinion – it aligns perfectly with one of my favorite sayings from a phenomenal mentor of mine, Dondi Scumaci who says:

“Compliance will never take you where commitment can go.”

Of course, there’s a time and place for most everything, including compliance.

Yet, compliance doesn’t inspire. Difficult to imagine that it would, or even could.

Inspiration and commitment are forever entwined. And, this commitment is inspired by leaders; those of high influence; not due to their position but rather their character…and their ability to focus on the needs, wants, desires and values of others.

Who are the leaders that come to your mind (past and present, historical or from first-hand knowledge) who were/are exceptional at inspiring commitment?

What do you see as their duplicatable traits and characteristics that we can all learn from?

When It Comes To Emotions…Who’s Driving The Car?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Dondi ScumaciI’d like to think that I’m a logical being. And, most others would like to think they are, as well. Yet, people being people, the great majority of us are much more driven by our emotions than we would like to think.

I often quote the Talmudic saying, “Who is mighty? The one who can control their emotions and make, of an enemy, a friend.”

With that in mind, I LOVE the recent response by my great friend and valued mentor, bestselling author and leadership authority, Dondi Scumaci, in answer to a person who wrote that he has challenges (as do most of us) in this regard.

Dondi wrote:

“Emotions are important for the journey…But I don’t let them drive the car!”

Ahhhhhhhhh, brilliant! That — I believe — is the key. It’s not to turn ourselves into robots. Emotion is one of the key ingredients in life, not only in terms of desirability but in reality.

Unfortunately, it drives most people.

What’s important is that your emotions don’t drive you. That you drive them. That you are at the steering wheel, and they are in the passenger’s seat with the seat belt securely fastened.

Yes, they should be set free, but only when they serve, not when they master.

Yep, emotions are extremely important. But, as Dondi tells us, they shouldn’t be driving.

Thank you, Dondi, for continuing to share such though-inspiring wisdom.

So, awesome readers, how do you ensure that your emotional driver-passenger relationship is appropriate?

Leaders, Mistakes And Growth

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

One of my favorite human beings is Dondi Scumaci. The author of several highly-acclaimed books including Career Moves, she speaks to, consults for, and mentors leaders and their organizations at top companies worldwide. If you’ve ever listened to any of our many interviews, you know she is the real deal.

Today, Dondi shares her wisdom with us in the area of leadership and mistakes. Yes, all leaders make them. But, what is it about great leaders and their mistakes that help them grow and become even better leaders? And, how do they create an environment where their mistakes help their entire organization to become more effective, as well?
Career Moves
Dondi Scumaci
As usual, Dondi provides us with a bunch of gems. Enjoy our chat!

What top three ideas did you take away from Dondi’s teaching? Can you see yourself creating the same type of positive, uplifting culture as have those she cited? Please feel free to share your leadership stories.


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