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“Paws” for THIS Customer Experience Story :-)

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

SimoneSpeaking at a client’s annual national conference recently I had an opportunity to meet Nancy Weil. Nancy is an author, the founder of The Laugh Academy and also presented at the event.

While we were talking about our pets, Nancy related to me one of the best customer experience stories I’ve ever heard.

Her dog, Simone, had to have emergency surgery to save her life. Fortunately, the specialists at the emergency veterinary hospital did an excellent job. Simone will live without half her lung, but with plenty of love from her human parents.

Also, fortunately, Nancy had taken out an insurance policy from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation when she first got Simone. Being that the bill was $3500, the insurance came in very handy. The company handled everything quickly and honorably and Nancy could focus her attention on her fur child rather than on the money.

But, it was what happened next that really made it special. She soon received an email from the insurance company that read as follows:

Hi Nancy,

We were wondering how Simone is recovering from her major surgery? We’re sorry to hear she had to go through that and send wishes for a quick recovery!

Please send a quick email letting us know how she’s feeling and giver her a great bit hug from us!

Tim Weiss,
Paws & Claws Protector

There are multiple lessons to learn from this. And, rather than coming up with my own here, let me ask you instead to read Nancy Weil’s fantastic post where she shares them beautifully!

I hope you enjoyed her post. I know I sure did.

And, if you’re interested, visit Healthy Paws and check out what the rates would be for coverage on your fur child. (I already did!) 🙂

Just from Nancy’s post I’d say they are the very embodiment of a Go-Giver company!

Lessons in Persuasion from Maddy The Dog

Monday, May 18th, 2009

As I’m writing this*, I’m looking at Maddy the dog, the Labrador retriever of Michele, one of my part-time team members. Maddy is sitting just to the left of me, giving me “that look” (i.e., “feed me, Uncle Bob”).

Interesting thing about Maddy; she looks at everyone as though they are the most important person in her world, and it’s easy to fall in love with her. And, pretty much everyone does.

The office complex management sort of frowns upon pets but everyone in our vicinity adores her. I think the paragraph above explains why. When she’s with you, she gives you her full and loving attention. She is totally in the moment, focusing on every word you say, as well as the way you say it. She even gives feedback (via the speed of her wagging tail) according to your intonation and pitch level.

Of course, her ultimate goal is food (trust me, that *is* Maddy’s ultimate goal). And she seems to see me as an easy “mark”; figuring – and, I suspect, mentally imaging – that, if she keeps looking at me like she is right now, I’ll give her a goody, which, I eventually do every time (even though I keep telling her this is the very last one and absolutely no more . . . and I really do mean it!) 🙂

Apparently, she also seems to think I’m a great guy, licking and cuddling up to me after each time I feed her something. (Hmmm. There’s an old saying that “behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated.” But, as I think that about her, I suspect she’s thinking the same thing about me.)

So, let’s see; she is goal oriented. She treats people kindly. She focuses on the person lovingly and intently. She is graciously persistent. She understands the power of rewarding positive behavior. And, she lives totally  “in the moment.”

These are some great “winning” lessons we can learn from Maddy. “Thank you, good girl, for writing this blog post for me. Here’s a treat . . . but it’s the last one . . . and I really do mean it this time.

*This post is from several years ago, hence the reference to an office complex. Today, “International HQ” is otherwise known as “one of those rooms in my home.”