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“Just in my second year in business, I'm on track to do over a MILLION DOLLARS in commissions!”

~ Cal Faber, Agent, RE/MAX - Victoria, BC

Master Your Traits / Master Yourself

13 Weeks to Creating Success in Business and in Life

4-Module Audio Program & Bonus Module by Bob Burg

Unleash the power of Benjamin Franklin’s personal system for self-transformation in your life. Apply the methods in this unique system and turn your least effective character traits into some of your strongest ones. Either you master your traits or they master you!

Let me ask you a kind of strange sounding question: Are you the rider or the horse?

Imagine riding on a horse. This horse is a big, huge, powerful animal. This can be good because, if you harness that power, it will take you where you want to go, and with lightning speed.

However, if you don’t harness that power (i.e. have no control over it but, instead, it controls you) it will take you for a ride, a long ride, to places you may not want to go.

In other words, either you control the horse or the horse controls you!

Our Character Traits are a lot like that horse. If we control them, they’ll take us to great, magnificent places. We’ll have peace, happiness, loving relationships, money and emotional fitness. If our traits control us, it’ll be much like the hapless rider who cannot control his horse, being taken in whatever direction the horse, an animal that survives strictly on instinct, chooses to take it.

Which rider are you?

Do you control the horse or does the horse control you? The answer is the difference between where you are right now, and your potential for achievement in any area(s) you desire. In this simple, 13-week system, you will find all the principles, tools and tactics you need to get more control over your traits then you ever dreamed possible!

“If Benjamin Franklin had picked someone to teach the lessons in self-mastery that he used in his life, he would have picked Bob Burg. Bob’s temperament, dedication and genuineness make him the perfect teacher. The program he has created is a “must-have” by any serious student of personal development.”
~ Vic Johnson, Founder – www.AsAManThinketh.com