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“[Burg] has demonstrated that adding value to people's lives is the way to climb the ladder of financial success.”

~ Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame Quarterback and Founder/CEO GoSmallBiz.com

Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way – Cleveland

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Executive Caterers at Landerhaven (Map & Directions)
6111 Landerhaven Drive
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124


The Go-Giver
Limited to 24 attendees

Join us after Bob’s Endless Referrals Live program for a special session of Go-Giver Networking™. We’ll immediately apply the principles Bob teaches and you’ll experience how shifting your focus creates powerful and lasting business and personal relationships.


“Shifting your focus from getting to giving — in this case meaning constantly and consistently providing value to others — happens to be a very financially profitable and influential way to live your life and conduct your business.” ~ Bob Burg

Enjoy Kristopher’s’ brief interview with Bob about the program:


Kristopher McCrone
(216) 970-4776


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Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way

Spend the morning with Bob Burg and you’ll learn how to quickly and easily build a prospecting and referral “Machine” to continuously create more sales than you ever dreamed possible!

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Who do I talk to next, now that my list of prospects has run out?” then this program is for you! Combining humor, entertainment, and a whole lot of “nuts & bolts” information, bestselling author and internationally-acclaimed speaker Bob Burg shares principle-based methods that will accelerate your ability to meet and connect with new people and build the trust that is essential in life and business!

During this powerful program you will also learn the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver embraced by so many of today’s top producers and leaders, including the principle behind Law #3: The Law of Influence; specifically how to apply this principle in order to cultivate a network of endless referral business. In fact, by the time you leave this event you will have a complete action plan ready for immediate application and success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts.
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money.
  • Instantly connect via what Bob calls, “Feel-Good Questions®.”
  • Instantly deepen that new connection via the “One Key Question.”
  • Really use social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool.
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top.
  • And much, much more!


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