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Getting Rid of Our Mental ANTS

July 1st, 2014 by Bob Burg

Getting Rid of Those Mental ANTSMy great friend, author and Certified Go-Giver Speaker, Corey Jahnke (whom I call the “Zen Pharmacist”) often writes about an affliction called “ANTS.”

ANTS stands for “Automatic Negative ThoughtS.”

According to Corey, we human beings have thousands of random thoughts per day. Thus, “the more of those thoughts we allow to be negative, disempowering, and judgmental, the more the ANTS eat our brain alive.” Yuck…but still! 🙂

So, I’d like to ask you: If you have ever suffered from ANTS (as I’d imagine we all have and we all continue to from time-to-time), how do you get rid of them so that you can tap into your TRUE authentic nature, which is absolutely…positively… ANTS-free.

If you’d like, check out Corey’s more in-depth and very insightful post on the topic and and see what he suggests.

6 Responses to “Getting Rid of Our Mental ANTS”
  1. Great post Bob… and Awesome research and post you also did about did Corey and creating the ANT acronym… Love You both… So here are my ways of getting out of the ANT mindset: 1- Breathe 2- stop and look at the why 3- take another action step like go for a walk, listen to music, not react, instead respond 4- make sure you take further action steps to not repeat the actions that created the situation in the first place 5- Make sure your environment supports your Mind – Body – Business – Spirit for Your greatest and highest Good. 6- Make sure you have an awesome support system in place like this group. 7- Feed and Surround your Mind-Body-Spirit with Healthy Foods, Liquids and move your body – get some form of daily exercise. 8- Get involved in a Spiritual practice whatever that is to you. 9- Feed your mind with Education & Books. 10-Follow great Leaders. 11- Get yourself a Coach & a Mentor. 12- Surround yourself with Friends that bring you UP not DOWN… and most of all Listen to Bob ~ You just might Learn a thing or two… after all if you haven’t learned something you wouldn’t be in this group now would you… LOL Find people Like him you look up to and find value in that you want to model.

  2. Bob Burg said at 12:02 pm on

    Carly: As always, I love your awesome teaching and wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us. And, you’re very kind words! 😉

  3. Amy Wells said at 5:16 pm on

    I use “ant bait.” My ant bait is the opposite of the negative thought. I focus on the positive thought until the ant dies. I’ve had many to kill.

  4. Bob Burg said at 7:09 pm on

    Amy: Great idea; replacing the negative thought with a positive one. Reminds me of the famous saying by Abraham Lincoln, “the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend.” Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Doug Sandler said at 6:25 pm on

    Great info Bob, and who doesn’t have ants? It’s how we deal with ants that counts. Thanks for the reminder that we have ways of getting dealing with them.

  6. Bob Burg said at 7:10 pm on

    Doug: Thank you. Much gratitude to you for your comment and feedback!

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