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“Body of Work” – An interview with Pamela Slim

December 31st, 2013 by Bob Burg

In her smash bestseller, Escape from Cubicle Nation, former corporate consultant Pamela Slim paved the way for thousands of corporate employees to transition from Dilbert-like existences to successful entrepreneurship.

In her newest book, Body of Work — what Robert Sutton has called “THE modern career handbook” — she brings us a step-by-step process for determining the personal legacy we leave at the end of our lives including all the tangible and intangible things we have created. In a sense, this is our life’s true mission and purpose.

In this interview, Pamela takes us through some of the important concepts and steps to get us on our way to tying it all together, as our…body of work.

Body of Work book Pamela Slim

Enjoy this hugely valuable chat with one of the wisest people I know, as well as one of my favorites, Pam Slim:


Pam Slim Body of WorkDuring our discussion, Pam referred to one of the exercises early in the book, which was:

“Imagine yourself many years in the future, on the last day of your life, looking back at the things that you created, developed, nurtured, and contributed. What, ideally, would you like to see?”

Great question. What ideally would YOU like to see?


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7 Responses to ““Body of Work” – An interview with Pamela Slim”
  1. Marty Wolff said at 10:00 am on

    As always Bob – great interview / questions. Pamela is so very articulate! Loved the thought and discussion about “all work is honorable”.

    Thanks for making this learning available for us.

  2. Bob Burg said at 10:54 am on

    Marty: Thank you. So glad you enjoyed the interview! Yes, she’s terrific, isn’t she?!

  3. Doug Wagner said at 9:30 pm on

    Another book added to my reading list. Made me rethink the idea that I haven’t done “anything” yet. Looking back there are some gems and they allow the creating of even more in the future.

    Everyone is the business of making money to pay for their lifestyle so the idea that working for a salary is less than being an entrepreneur is indeed silly. The percentage of entrepreneurs who make more than they would working for someone else is surprisingly small when you consider all the “extras” that go into it and the risk.

    If you are an entrepreneur and employ more than yourself, the far better choice is to assume people have a choice and make working with you meaningful and rewarding. Value for value.

  4. Bob Burg said at 10:27 pm on

    Doug: Thank you. I agree with all three of your paragraphs and points. Well said! Though, regarding your first paragraph, and knowing you personally and all that you have done and accomplished, it’s amazing to me that you could even possibly *think* that you hadn’t “done anything yet.” Your Manifast product itself has added immense value to people’s lives and businesses. Goes to show how we can be our own harshest critic.

  5. Doug Wagner said at 10:35 pm on

    I can’t speak for others… I feel that there is the normal harshest critic factor at play to some degree but the biggest factor is that I am more looking forward at what I haven’t done (yet) and since the goals are bigger as I grow the past isn’t a place I am looking regularly.

    Note to self: Must remember to reflect and celebrate more. We all need that fuel to keep going.

  6. Barry Hall said at 3:07 pm on

    Hi Bob,
    many thanks for a great interview with Pamela. I think this would be a good book to get as I love storytelling that’s why I loved The Go – Giver.

    Keep up the great work Bob.
    best regards

  7. Bob Burg said at 3:26 pm on

    Thank you, Barry. Very appreciated!

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