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Transformational Fund-Raising: An Exciting Chat

September 24th, 2013 by Bob Burg

You have a cause you believe in. It’s that…it’s that thing that’s bigger than you are. You’re happy to dedicate your life (or at least a significant amount of time) to it because just knowing the good you are doing makes you come alive; makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s raising money for the less fortunate in your city; maybe it’s making clean water a natural part of life in a third-world country; it could be funding research on a rare disease that took the life of someone you cherish.

The Generosity NetworkThe cause is tremendous. And, you’re proud to be involved. The entire premise and promise of the organization brings you joy.

But, you know what doesn’t bring you joy? The very idea of having to raise money to fund this very worthy venture.

Are you supposed to be a begging, pleading supplicant? How do you find the people to present your terrific opportunity? And, how do you effectively position this as the opportunity it is…for them?

The difficulty with fundraising is both a lack of know-how, and a lot of fear. And neither of those make for a good combination when it comes to the good you know you can do through your nonprofit, charitable venture.

Jeffery WalkerJennifer McCreaFortunately, here is where Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey C. Walker enter the picture. Walker, a former hugely successful venture capitalist turned philanthropist teamed up with McCrea, a long-time superstar in the world of fund-raising (and leading writer/editor, Karl Weber) to bring us a breakthrough book on this often misunderstood topic. The book’s title is The Generosity Network: new transformational tools for successful fund-raising.

And, in this chat with the two authors, prepare to learn about the necessary and little-known shift that can turn your nonprofit into a very successful vehicle for good. Also, be ready to have any fears you might currently possess about fund-raising totally put to rest.


WOW — are you fired up and excited to get to work on your next charitable project? Great! Because, the world needs more people like you who can get out there and create transformation!


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2 Responses to “Transformational Fund-Raising: An Exciting Chat”
  1. Great find. Looking to read the book and learn more bout the generosity network and network with them for our Billions Rising Foundation.

  2. Bob Burg said at 4:50 pm on

    Warren: Thank you. I found the book to be very helpful both from a fundraising standpoint and traditional business viewpoint. As you know, when it comes right down to it, whether in a for-profit or not-for-profit context, it’s always about focusing on the other person and finding/determining THEIR needs, wants and desires. And, fulfilling those needs via your product or service.

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