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Bruce Turkel: Why Your Brand Is NOT About You

September 9th, 2013 by Bob Burg

It’s so very important. One could say it’s the premise upon which everything else takes place, and is the major reason why someone will or will not do business with you and refer you to others.

When it comes to your brand, it’s important to understand that it’s how others perceive your very essence. The paradox is that while your brand is about you…it’s totally not about you.

Stuart Varney-Bruce TurkelI believe you’ll find this interview with Fox Business Brand Correspondent, Bruce Turkel, to be extremely enlightening. Bruce, with whom I’m honored to share a very powerful MasterMind group along with Kathy Zader, Joachim dePosada, Terry Brock, Gina Carr, JB Glossinger, Lisa Jimenez, Patrick Stinus, and Randy Gage (when he’s not a sabatically-wandering Jedi) is one of the most brilliant marketing minds I’ve ever met in my life.

And, he puts it plainly and simply that having the best product, service, book, speech, or rum isn’t going to build your business. It’s just the cost of entry.

Listen in as Bruce tells us how the humble scion of Bacardi was able to very profitably absorb this lesson during their first conversation (in other words, it wasn’t about the bat). 🙂

You’ll learn the potential danger of the self-referencing criteria; the difference between your “audience” and your customer; and why the …GMOOT! (Pronounced G-Mot) isn’t the answer but can be very helpful after your brand strategy is in place. As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “Tactics without strategy is the sound of failure.”

Bruce TurkelAnd, when I ask Bruce about his upcoming 2-day branding seminar, listen to how he tells the story, so effectively weaving in a strong and persuasive message along with the elements of a powerful brand. I even suggested after it that you go back and listen to it again and again.

Want to make your brand more valuable and your message more powerful? Enjoy this discussion with Bruce:

Powerful, wasn’t it? And, if you’d like to know more about his special 2-day branding event in Miami, being held literally inside his agency (as Bruce says, think Mad Men 50 years later), check out http://turkeltalks.com/elite-branding-intensive. I’ll be there in attendance with pen and pad in hand, and hope to see you there, too.


TECHNICAL NOTE: If you are having trouble playing the interview, please make sure Adobe Flash Player is installed in your web browser. If not, then download Flash Player. Or right-click here and select “Save Link As…” to download the audio file to your computer.

6 Responses to “Bruce Turkel: Why Your Brand Is NOT About You”
  1. Kimunya Mugo said at 12:05 am on

    post immensely! I have replayed the interview over and over again, just can get tired of listening to it. It got me thinking about leadership and branding. There are very close parallels and have just written a post on my blog. Thank you for bringing us such rich content.

  2. Bob Burg said at 7:24 am on

    Kimunya: Thank you. I appreciate your kind words about the interview. And, I just read your terrific post. So glad that Bruce’s words inspired you. And, in your post, I know you inspired your readers!

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  4. […] I am listening to Bruce Turkel talk about listening to Mr. Bacardi of Bacardi Rum tell why he thought people bought Bacardi.  Mr. Bacardi was not looking at it from the point of view of the customers. He was looking at it from his own point of view. Mr. Turkel talks about G-MOOT (Get Me One Of Those). So you go get one. Maybe it is twitter, maybe an I-Pad. And then it sits there. Because you didn’t have a plan on how this tool was to be used to build your business.   Tactics without a strategy is the path to failure. Don’t go get the tools, figure out your strategy and how the tools will help you with it. Who am I going to sell to? What do they want? Who Cares? Figure that out before you do anything else. http://www.burg.com/2013/09/bruce-turkel-why-your-brand-is-not-about-you/?inf_contact_key=763ef0ab80… […]

  5. Bob Burg said at 10:32 pm on

    Alice: Thank you for your comments about the interview. So glad you enjoyed Bruce’s message!

  6. […] interview that Bob Burg held with Fox Business Brand Correspondent Bruce Turkel got me thinking beyond branding. As a communication specialist, I was already drawn into the […]

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