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Be The Best At What Matters Most – A Chat With Joe Calloway

May 31st, 2013 by Bob Burg

What really are the elements that lead toward and result in huge business success?

Is it mainly – as we’re often told – about being different? Is it really the “WOW Factor” we hear so much about? Or, could it be that the winners constantly think “outside the box”? In a recent post with noted performance expert, Joe Calloway, we saw that, actually the game is either lost or won inside the box and by focusing on – and mastering – the truly important things.

Joe CallowayIn this exciting chat with Joe (you’ll see that – nice as he is – he holds not an opinion back) πŸ™‚ we’ll look much deeper into why this is true and what it takes to make it happen.

From Marty Grunder, who began his landscaping business at 13 (and grossed $400,000 annually while still in college) and is now an icon in the field, to the venerable Southwest Airlines, which profits every year despite being in an industry known for losing money, we’ll see that focusing on what matters most – and being the best at it, simply works.

Joe CallowayBut, how exactly do you know what does matter most? We’ll explore that, as well.

We’ll see why and how the Internet is killing hype, and why that’s a good thing!

And, we’ll be surprised by perhaps the most counter-intuitive but powerful advice of all from Joe: to avoid…the trap. This one will cause a double-take next time you see it in action!

Listen in on our conversation, and find out how you can “Be The Best At What Matters Most.”


Wasn’t that inspiring? Plenty of great takeaways. What in particular did you learn from Joe that you can begin to apply to your business right now? Please share your thoughts with us.

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23 Responses to “Be The Best At What Matters Most – A Chat With Joe Calloway”
  1. Bill Ellis said at 9:52 am on

    Once again you’ve provided us with keen insight to a very bright business mind and solid concepts. Your interview style and your list of interviewees are both spot on. Joe delivers a very simple message in a clear and effective manner. His basic concept of ‘do it right, dominate the basics (and there’ll be no need to apologize). Loved the story about ‘the trap’.
    Thanks to you both

  2. Bob Burg said at 10:07 am on

    Bill: Thank you. I’ve known and respected Joe for so long it was such a pleasure to be able to finally interview him. So glad you enjoyed it and found it to be of value. Means a LOT to me!

  3. CA BHARAT MITHANI said at 10:21 am on

    This has really helped in improving the approch towards looking at the things.

  4. Bob Burg said at 10:36 am on

    CA: Thank you. Very glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Jim Swink said at 11:27 am on

    Thanks for another great interview covering an important aspect of business!
    Loved the quote “internet is killing hype”. As a consumer you see businesses spend tons of money on websites, marketing, signs, buildings, spokes people, etc, but when you walk in you feel like you are bothering people to purchase one of their products.

    Joe is spot on, when someone gives me a great shopping experience I never complain about the price and I tell others. That is the flip side of internet, a place where great experiences are also shared.

    I look forward to your next interview.

  6. Bob Burg said at 11:31 am on

    Jim: Thank you. Very glad you enjoyed the interview. And, indeed, you make great points! Thanks again for your kind words!

  7. dubaitara said at 12:15 pm on

    Just the approach I love, Bob, both by yourself and by Joe Calloway – thank you for broadening my world to include his insights – I didn’t know of him before this interview. Totally with you and Joe on being better, rather than being different – that’s what Mojo PR strives to deliver, every single day. Of course, being better, does mean being different… πŸ™‚
    Thanks always for wisdom, inspiration and insight!

  8. Bob Burg said at 1:04 pm on

    Tara: Thank YOU! Both for your kind words about the interview, and for YOUR insight! I appreciate ya’ greatly!

  9. Lene Jytte Hansen said at 1:07 pm on

    GREAT Bob!!!! The DOing thing – discipline – and all those “ugly” words – LOL But it’s true, you have to DO the work – and by doing you become expert. By DOing you add the value. Thanks πŸ™‚

  10. Bob Burg said at 1:16 pm on

    Lene: Thank you for your always kind comments. So glad you enjoyed the chat!

  11. Steve Watkins said at 1:27 pm on

    Dear Bob:

    What a breath of fresh air! Joe Calloway is a “marathon man,” not a “sprinter.” Sprinters are a dime a dozen, but the person who’s in it for the long haul, who consistently achieves the highest level of quality in what (s)he does individually (or the company who does it) stands head and shoulders above the “sheeple” who think that a single act of “WOW!” is the way to go.

    Your books and your blogs are vital parts of what I do and who I am. I think you exemplify the principles espoused by Joe Calloway, and I thank you for sharing these important insights.

    Steve Watkins

  12. Bob Burg said at 2:00 pm on

    Steve: Huge thanks; both for your kind words about Joe (and, I totally agree with you; and he sets the pace in the marathon for us) and for your kind words about my materials. Greatly appreciated, and means a LOT to me!

  13. David Keeney said at 1:43 pm on

    Thanks Bob. Extremely excellent and tremendously valuable.

    We have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

    As many have noted, the winning horse is a winner, most often, by a nose! Not by a mile.

    I recommended this to a fellow Recruiter/Trainer before I had listened to it/suggesting for our group “Coaching Call” on Monday. Had mentioned to him a Packer reference (my in-laws/and wife are from Milwaukee-Father In Law was at the Ice-Bowl”. But Jerry Kramer put together a great film many years ago and I always remember when, after a frustrating loss, Vince Lombardi came in to the locker room, and said: “Boys, THIS is a football!”/admonishing them to go back to the excellence of blocking and tackling/the basics/the essence. Check out Jerry’s Film too.

  14. Bob Burg said at 2:04 pm on

    David: Thank you. And, very much agree with you. And…that’s very cool (well, actually, freezing!) πŸ™‚ about your Father-in-Law being at the famous Ice-Bowl game. Indeed, Lombardi’s Power Sweep really was the quintessential example of being the best at what matters most. They were so good at it (often led by Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston) that even though the defense knew it was coming, they were powerless to stop it. Thanks again!

  15. Joe Calloway said at 5:23 pm on

    Bob, I could spend the whole day talking with you about business or anything else, for that matter. You’re a great host and a good friend. I’ve always loved your insights about business and success, and it was an honor to get to spend time with you and your listeners. Thank you to everyone for your comments and interest. I genuinely appreciate it!

  16. Bob Burg said at 5:27 pm on

    Joe: My absolute pleasure. Thank YOU. You constantly and consistently provide exceptional value to the lives of all you touch. That IS what matters most. And, you ARE the best at it! πŸ™‚

  17. Adelinde said at 7:26 pm on

    β€œBe The Best At What Matters Most – A Chat With Joe Calloway”
    Interesting comments ! thank you both for the “Elementary dear Watson” Sherlock Holmes’ expression.

    My sticking point is: What you are talking about must surely depend on wether you’re selling
    products or services. It strikes me most internet services are riddled with the close up & personal
    very little follow through. Just speaking from personal experience.

    Befuddled !
    Be well, be safe


  18. Bob Burg said at 8:12 pm on

    Adelinde: Thank you for your comment and for joining our discussion. Regarding your “sticking point”…I’m not sure why you would feel it depends on whether you’re selling products or services. The entire premise of Joe’s teaching, both in this interview and in his book, is that there are certain very important things you need to be doing in your business. They are what matter most. If you do them, and do them with such excellence that it is “cutting edge”…then you will win (i.e., have a very successful and highly-profitable business). Of course, whether a business sells a product or a service – as well as what kind of product and/or what kind of service, those “core, important things” will differ, as will specific strategies and even tactics. However, it still comes down to knowing what core “things” you need to be the best at…and being the best at it. Does that make sense?

  19. Adelinde said at 9:12 pm on

    Dear Bob Burg: Thank you for your informative reply. It’s food for more indepth analysis on my part. Back to my drawing board……. thinking…….rearranging……deleting etc.
    All makes sense…..

  20. Bob Burg said at 11:13 pm on

    Adelinde: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My pleasure. Again, we’re grateful to have you with us a part of the conversation. We all learn from one another.

  21. lukas luuk said at 11:11 am on

    bob you are my hero,and you will remain my hero.keep it up good job
    wish you manys years to come

  22. Bob Burg said at 11:30 am on

    Lukas: That’s so very kind of you to say. Thank you very much!!

  23. Adelinde said at 11:09 pm on

    Hi Bob
    I love Gurus & Hero’s they leave me over-awed as they thunder Hoof- Heartedly throught he
    Arc De Triomphe. Right ! I thought I’ll follow them on my trusty Steed. Alas, my Steed was nowhere to be seen.

    Thank you for your advice much appreciated. I’ll have to get up close & personal with this
    “Cutting Edge” thing. I’ll do my best ! πŸ™‚

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