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Leadership & Respect: An Interview With Mike Henry, Sr.

October 18th, 2012 by Bob Burg

Several weeks ago we heard from Mike Henry, Sr., Founder of The Lead Change Group. Mike and 20 other authors combined their leadership talents and wisdom to create a terrific book entitled, The Character Based Leader.

While all discussed leadership from their own unique viewpoints, the common thread was their belief that character is its key ingredient. Their mission is to “instigate a leadership revolution one person at a time.”

Mike Henry Sr.In our first chat, Mike shared insight into why this change is needed, some of the key elements that shape character, and more.

The following week was Lisa Petrilli. She discussed leading with character by leading from within; understanding who you are at your core and relating that to your mission. She also shared with us three people she felt embodied that trait.

The Character Based LeaderLast week was Dan Rockwell. He looked at leading oneself into humility and showed why “humility yields success {while} arrogance blocks it.”

Now, Mike Henry, Sr. is back and he provides some excellent insight into respect, and how and why that is so critical for anyone who truly desires to be a character-based leader.

Enjoy our discussion.


If you’ve ever served under a person who simply didn’t show respect, or showed utter disrespect, you know how uncomfortable and uninspiring that can be. On the other hand, regardless of how demanding they might be, when they respected their team members and successfully communicated that respect, it was an entirely different environment, wasn’t it? How can you take the wisdom shared by Mike and apply it to building your team?

I hope you enjoyed this series and hope you enjoy their terrific book.

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11 Responses to “Leadership & Respect: An Interview With Mike Henry, Sr.”
  1. Great interview Bob and Mr. Henry. I am ordering the book now!

  2. Bob Burg said at 10:18 am on

    Denise: Thank you for your kind feedback. So glad you enjoyed the chat, and I’m excited that you are ordering his book. I know you’re going to love it!

  3. Respect is like a key that unlocks the potential within someone. Your team members might follow you out of obligation to their contracts or to their employer or to provide for their family, etc. but this produces only the minimum effort required to do the job. But, when your team members know you respect them, because you demonstrate it in every interaction with them and how you talk about them to others when they are not present, then you defuse their defenses and unlock their ability to excel at their work. People interact very begrudgingly and cautiously with those who do not respect them. But with those who do, they can contribute so much more, because they have lowered their defenses.

    Great call, Bob.

  4. Lene Jytte Hansen said at 12:48 pm on

    In Denmark we have a saying “Dear child has many names” And how can you “add value to” – “honor” – be a “go-giver” without respect for your fellow human beings. And that respect should be shown, no matter if you agree or not. Everybody is entiteled to their own oppinion. Respect is show in MANY ways – and a main one is willingness to listen and recieve what ever communication comes as an answer to the communication you sent out. I LOVE what you are doing here Bob Burg, because this makes all of us THINK and being willing to see things from a new viewpoint. You have created, what I concider one of the most valueable “mastermind groups” that shows every respect for the single persons viewpoint. THANK YOU Bob!!! And thank you to Mike Henry, Sr., and to all participating in this awesome discussion

  5. Bob Burg said at 1:45 pm on

    Joseph: Thank you. Very well put. Terrific. Goes right back to Dondi Scumaci’s famous saying: “Compliance will never take you, where commitment can go.” And generally respecting others – and being able to effectively communicate that respect – goes a long way toward earning that commitment. I appreciate you sharing with us!

    Lene: What a terrific Danish saying! And, thank you for your powerful message and very kind words. And, love having you as part of this “mastermind.” I appreciate you!

  6. Lene Jytte Hansen said at 1:48 pm on

    Thank’s Bob, I’m honored to be part of it – and I appreciate you very much 🙂

  7. Mike Henry Sr. said at 11:53 am on

    My apologies for being offline yesterday. Thank you for the wonderful comments.

    @Denise, thank you very much.

    @Joseph, thank you for the kind words and your comment. Bob’s comment and Dondi’s quote. We tend to direct people or force them because we’re lazy. We don’t want to expend the energy to treat people with respect but then they aren’t energized in their contribution and before you know it, no one, including the leader, wants to come to work. The solution always begins with someone deciding to “give” respect before they get it. Thank you!

    @Lene, thank you for your comment too. At the core of respect is the idea that I can learn something from anyone. Life for me is most fun when I’m learning from others as I watch them do their thing. Thanks for being active in this conversation!

    @Bob, thanks so much for the discussion and for your wisdom. I’m grateful!


  8. Bob Burg said at 5:15 pm on

    Mike: My pleasure. Thank YOU for sharing such extraordinary wisdom with us!

  9. Jerry Hingle said at 5:55 pm on

    I’ve been reading a lot about this new book, The Character Based Leader. Really interesting stuff. I’ll have to add it to my wishlist.

  10. Bob Burg said at 6:03 pm on

    Jerry: Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s an awesome book. I believe you’ll greatly enjoy it! (Though, one suggestion might be to move it from your wish list to your “buy it now” list. It seems to be more effective that way) 🙂

  11. Jerry, thanks. And I agree with Bob. the book won’t do much for you on your wishlist. Mike…

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