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“Master the contents of Endless Referrals and you will practically GUARANTEE your future success.”

~ Tom Hopkins, Author, Master the Art of Selling

Lead By Greatness – An Interview with David Lapin

April 5th, 2012 by Bob Burg

Okay, no secret; I love to read. And love to read books on Leadership.

Seems that lately there are more and more that are just sooooo good. Such is the case with the one I’m currently reading, entitled, Lead By Greatness: How Character Can Power Your Success, by David Lapin.

I love this book!

The title is good, but it doesn’t do the content of the book justice. The author, a Rabbi and corporate advisor who has consulted for major companies worldwide, has combined both the soul and the balance sheet in order to bring out the best in one’s company, its leaders, and its team members.

David LapinLead by GreatnessIn this chat, we’ll look briefly at the essence of character — with an example of a great modern-day leader — and then focus on what the author calls one’s “spiritual fingerprints”, including their “value drivers.”

Enjoy our chat…


While it can take some time to really discern your true value drivers (not what you’d like them to be, but what they are), what are your initial thoughts about yours?

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15 Responses to “Lead By Greatness – An Interview with David Lapin”
  1. Amy Wells said at 8:55 am on

    I am driven by our connectedness though God. I believe my client is in my life for a reason and I pray that God reveal that reason to me quickly. That “reason/need” when met, makes me so happy and certainly pleases my client. 🙂

  2. Bob Burg said at 8:57 am on

    That’s awesome, Amy! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Judy Rodriguez said at 11:40 am on

    As an Independent Distributor and Certified Trainer with a major Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing Company for over 15 years, my priorities have always remained constant;
    God first, then family, then persuit and use of what ever gifts and talents we have been given to make a difference in the world.
    After listening to the Interview, it was so confirming to hear how these “Value Drivers”, and understanding how to identify the Value Drivers in others, is the key to Leading by Greatness! Intuitively, I have always felt that almost anyone can lead from the head, but leading from the Soul is what differentiates good from great. Having a guide like this is exactly what I have been looking for.
    I will be using, and encouraging my Team to use, Rabbi Lapin”s book “Lead by Greatness”.
    Thank you Bob, as always, for your commitment to excellence.

  4. Bob Burg said at 11:49 am on

    Judy, thank you. What a nice letter. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Rob Peters said at 2:56 pm on


    I just purchased Lead by Greatness on my Kindle and I can understand your passion for the book.

    David Lapin has integrated Principles, Purpose, and Results.

    My passion for challenging leaders to adopt open standards for the capture, measurement, & utilization of Relationship Capital (RC) is very similar in philosophy.

    I know I am going to learn alot that will make me a better person and business leader.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Bob Burg said at 3:25 pm on

    What very kind comments, Rob. Thank you for sharing that with us!

  7. Bottom Line if You are not Connected to Source, Spirit, God whatever that is to YOU…
    All else is useless, and on some level not Valued or Treasured, taken for granted as
    you will… People Seek Self-Gratification and Praise in the form of Kudos of inflated Egos…
    It is when we are coming from the Space of Greatness from Our Core-
    Our VALUE and GIVING is PRICELESS… it propels and Integrates those Principles,
    Purpose Naturally and AMAZING results Arrive just because it came from the Core Space…
    of Giving from a Place of Unconditional Attachment…

    And OUR FAMILY when Nurtured from that Same Space is OUR TEAM, our Co-Creators
    to then be Able to GO OUT and Give, Share and LEAD from that Same Greatness-Core-Source…

    And when all of that is in PLACE WOW…
    What LEADERS we have Co-Creating with the World…

    Love it He Really gets to the CORE of things… and I can see why YOU were
    Soooo Excited… It Fits in so nicely with the Go-Giver philosophy and principles…

    To Co-Creating with Others…
    Thank You for being a Part of my Co-Creation,
    Team work is what makes the Dreams Work…
    Enjoy the Journey…
    Carly Alyssa Thorne…

  8. Alecia Stringer said at 10:08 pm on

    Your passions shows in what you do.

  9. Bob Burg said at 6:28 am on

    Carly, thank you. Much appreciating you and your kind and thoughtful comments!

  10. Bob Burg said at 6:29 am on

    Alecia, thank you so much!

  11. Ini said at 1:49 pm on

    I’m a Nigerian based here in Nigeria, how and where can I have original copies of your books?

  12. Bob Burg said at 3:49 pm on

    Hi Ini, I know his book just came out very recently. I’m imagine that about the only place you could order it would be via amaazon.com. Thank you for writing!

  13. Ben Jengal said at 12:12 am on

    Bob Burg does it again! Great interview! You are the Lester Holt of Networking. I was truely inspired and touched. Are you speaking at the Big Event this year?

  14. Bob Burg said at 7:22 am on

    Ben, thank you. What a very kind compliment. Which Big Event are you referring to. My annual event or a company event?

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