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“If Benjamin Franklin had picked someone to teach the lessons in self-mastery that he used in his life, he would have picked Bob Burg.”

~ Vic Johnson, Founder AsAManThinketh.net

Taught Very Well At Dunkin’ Donuts

June 22nd, 2011 by Bob Burg

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows I’m not only a Dunkin’ Donuts fanatic…I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts groupie. I can be anywhere in the U.S.A. where a Dunkin’ exists and, if I see it, I stop in for their delicious coffee.

And, on Sundays, two donuts (mmmmmm, donutzzzzz rgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrg)

My favorite Dunkin’ store of all though, is in my hometown of Jupiter, Florida. The store manager there is Steve. However, Steve isn’t just a manager. Steve is a leader, he’s a teacher, he’s a developer of young minds. He does such a terrific job with those kids and young adults on his team, it’s awesome to see.

One of the things he does is show them by example how to go out of their way to provide a value-added experience. He makes all his customers feel special. He handles the occasional customer grumbling with diplomacy and class, and looks for any reason to acknowledge a customer, such as recently when a little boy was being sung “Happy Birthday” by his family, he came over with a box of donuts as a birthday gift.

So, when two Sundays ago, I came in just a bit too late for my weekly chocolate coconut donut that I look forward to for the entire six days prior (someone had just bought the last one – D’oh!), his young crew took it upon themselves to make sure I would never be such thusly disappointed again. (Since I said “thusly” we can pronounce “again” as A-Gain).

When I arrived this past Sunday, however, there were again no chocolate coconut donuts. But, just as I saw it, John caught my attention. “The delivery of the base donut didn’t come through so I put something extra special together for you” he informed me. “I took a chocolate honey-dipped donut and put twice as much coconut on it as on your regular donut. I think”, he added, “you’re really going to like this.”

It was delicious. So awesome! Even more terrific than that, though, was the fact that this young Go-Getter/Go-Giver spotted an opportunity to add value to a customer and took it upon himself to do it.

Yep…Steve done good, and so has Dunkin’!

22 Responses to “Taught Very Well At Dunkin’ Donuts”
  1. Barbara said at 8:44 am on

    Is Steve married? Just checkin….

  2. Bob Burg said at 9:39 am on

    Hmm, I don’t think so. I’ll have to find out for sure and let you know! LOL

  3. Zita Gustin said at 11:40 am on

    This is such a great example of being fully present and aware …. and most importantly looking for ways to engage favorably. Such a great lesson to see clients as people first! The connection is in the giving and you, my friend, are the ultimate giver! Thanks for sharing this today!

  4. Bob Burg said at 11:47 am on

    Thank you, Zita. Always great to hear from you, my friend!

  5. Chi Chi Okezie said at 2:51 pm on

    LOL, Bob, your post is making me hungry! Great story. I think the valuable lesson here is honoring and appreciating your patrons. Although Dunkin Donuts is a recognized brand, it is their customer service and not necessarily the chocolate coconut donuts/coffee which keep you coming back. John goes above and beyond his call of duty to make sure that you do not leave the store dissatisfied. I can definitely use these practical steps when I am interacting with my clients. Keep up the marvelous work, my friend!

  6. Bob Burg said at 2:53 pm on

    I agree with you, my friend. Thank you for your comments. That really IS what it’s about; the “dining experience.”

  7. Ernie Pinard said at 3:34 pm on

    I would have to say this was a Slam Dunk by the Crew at the Jupiter Dunkin’Donuts.
    It is so great to see people like John who really get what customer service is all
    about.And to have such a Manager as Steve in place is truly an asset not only
    to Dunkin’Donuts but to these fine young adults in his presence.Thank you for
    sharing Bob and now I think I will run down the Road to our Local Dunkin’Donuts
    here in Mount Airy Md to see how they measure up :o)

  8. Bob Burg said at 3:37 pm on

    Ernie, thank you for your kind comments about Steve, John and the crew at the Jupiter Dunkin’! I’m sure your experience at the Mount Airy one will be terrific, as well! 🙂

  9. angela siekman said at 5:17 pm on

    Love this post Bob! Love donuts; loving Steve and John.

  10. Bob Burg said at 5:35 pm on

    Angela, thank you. 🙂

  11. Pete Nielsen said at 6:30 pm on

    Bob, you are such a great encourager! BTW, someone told me the choco-coconut donuts are no-cal, so feel free to have another 😉 Hope to see you in at the DD sometime soon!

  12. Bob Burg said at 6:53 pm on

    LOL. Hi Pete. Thanks! Hope to have you back with us soon. Sunday morning’s just ain’t the same without you stopping by!

  13. Rocky John said at 12:16 am on

    I’m a manager myself and you’ve just reminded me of what it means to go out my way and provide a value added experience to our clients. Thank you!

  14. Bob Burg said at 6:55 am on

    Rocky, what a great compliment. Thank you!

  15. Bob,
    It sounds like Steve read the Go-Giver.

    Have a great day.


  16. Bob Burg said at 9:15 am on

    LOL. Thank you, Jeff. I get the definite feeling that Steve was like that long before he read the book. 🙂

  17. Pat said at 12:07 pm on

    Sounds like Steve has gratitude. When you have gratitude, giving back and spreading happiness just seems to happen.

    Thanks for another uplifting story, Bob.

  18. Bob Burg said at 12:48 pm on

    Hi Pat, thank you. And, yes, Steve does appear to me to have a great sense of gratitude!

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  20. Norbeth DeJesus said at 3:04 pm on

    WOW! Now THAT’S service! I want to go get a do-nut now! That’s the power of giving at work! Give that man a RAISE, Dunkin’!

  21. Bob Burg said at 3:19 pm on

    Thank you, Norbeth. If we weren’t on opposite coasts I’d say…I’ll meet you there now!

  22. Shae Bynes said at 11:51 am on

    Bob, I’m just catching up on your blog 🙂 I LOVE this post! It’s such a fantastic example of how doing the simplest things that don’t take much time or money can make a huge impact with your customers or clients. Thanks for the inspiration as always, my friend!

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