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“If Benjamin Franklin had picked someone to teach the lessons in self-mastery that he used in his life, he would have picked Bob Burg.”

~ Vic Johnson, Founder AsAManThinketh.net

Follow-up Part 4 (Video)

July 26th, 2010 by Bob Burg

The first three parts of this series on follow-up have discussed:

#1 The personalized notecard

#2 Value-based information

#3 The scratch pad

And, each of these are extremely effective in building an ongoing relationship in which you communicate that your goal is to provide value.

This Video Brief, however, provides — perhaps — the most important and effective thing you can do in order to win their hearts, as well as their direct business and referrals. This, in a way that genuinely and authentically allows you to be an asset of value to their lives.

Go through your entire list of contacts, prospects, customers, clients and referral sources and begin to put today’s action idea into play. And, even better than all the new business and referrals you’ll obtain as a result…will be the great feeling you’ll obtain by providing some truly exceptional value to the lives of lots and lots of people along the way.

2 Responses to “Follow-up Part 4 (Video)”
  1. Bob, a fantastic tip!

    I have to share a crazy example of how I did this recently. My clients are electrical engineers specializing in water treatment for cities, so I didn’t see how exactly I would be able to send them business! But, a few weeks after we nailed down the positioning for their brand, I was on a trip to the West Coast. I sat for three hours next to a great guy and we literally did not stop chatting the whole time. Would you believe it if I said he worked for a large electrical engineering firm doing water treatment – the kind that subcontracts with little firms like my clients? I looked like a miracle worker when I passed his card to my clients in a meeting.

    The key is knowing the target you’re looking for (what makes a good referral) and then if you pay attention, you can do it.

    Love these videos, Bob!

  2. Bob Burg said at 6:05 pm on

    I love it, Samantha. Sounds like you “created” that by being aware of a desire to provide exceptional value so, when the opportunity presented itself, you were there for it. Way to go!

    {Check out the great information on Samantha’s website at http://www.enlightenedmarketing.com/}

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