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Follow-up Part 2 (Video)

July 12th, 2010 by Bob Burg

In last week’s Video Brief we discussed the importance of sending a personalized, handwritten note card as the first follow-up step after having just met a new potential customer and/or referral source. But, that’s just a start. How do you continue to build your value in their mind? In this week’s video, we take a look.

Take some time to go through the action idea. It’s actually a very fun exercise and you’ll most likely be extremely surprised with how much you have to work with.

In Part Three we’ll introduce an extremely powerful and profitable follow-up tool.

3 Responses to “Follow-up Part 2 (Video)”
  1. Jonathan Flaks said at 4:41 pm on

    Hey Bob –

    Your advice about follow-ups is exactly the type of stuff I tell my clients. It was even a blog post of mine (inspired by you) back in April! (If you want to take a look, the link is http://www.jfcoach.com/blog/be-go-giver)


    Looking forward,

    Jonathan Flaks

  2. Jonathan Flaks said at 4:42 pm on

    Sorry Bob!

    That link is http://www.jfcoach.com/blog/be-go-giver

    Looking forward,


  3. […] In Part Two, we’ll continue the follow-up process. […]

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