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“If Benjamin Franklin had picked someone to teach the lessons in self-mastery that he used in his life, he would have picked Bob Burg.”

~ Vic Johnson, Founder AsAManThinketh.net

Follow-up Part 1 (Video)

July 6th, 2010 by Bob Burg

After meeting someone who might be a prospective customer and/or referral source, how do you begin the follow-up process so that it’s value-based and effective? In this week’s Endless Referrals Video Brief, we put a new twist on an old idea.

Those who utilize these obtain outstanding results. So, please take action on this idea.

Do you have a local printer from whom you can purchase these? If not, ask someone you know, like and trust to refer you to a printer who they know, like and trust. As Larry the Cable Guy says… “Git-R-Done.” 🙂

In Part Two, we’ll continue the follow-up process.


Note, if you’d like to see a sample then check out mine, click here. Please know that mine does not have the benefit statement across the bottom… or one at all, as I choose instead to highlight my books. However, when I was in local sales, I did it exactly as I’m describing it in the video.

4 Responses to “Follow-up Part 1 (Video)”
  1. I enjoy sending personalized notes as a follow up. Great video/blog 🙂

  2. Bob Burg said at 7:10 am on

    Thank you, Leticia!

  3. Robert said at 4:14 am on

    I started doing this about the time you posted this video. I send a postcard that I have had printed, with a photo I took on one side, and my logo and contact details the other. The note and address are handwritten. The response to this is fantastic. Most other people just send an e-mail that disappears in the crowded in box. My postcard gets noticed, and I’m getting more business because of it.

    Follow the advice because it works!

    Thanks, Bob, for the great information you are giving.

  4. Bob Burg said at 9:07 pm on

    Thank YOU, Robert. While mine isn’t a postcard, but a notecard that is enclosed in an envelope, it seems like what you are doing is working…and working GREAT. Keep it up, my friend!!

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